XDC2016 Open Conversation - Day 1

Good morning.

Another year, another XDC. Once again I’ll try to describe events as they happen for the benefit of those who couldn’t attend. Feel free to jump in with questions and comments.

After a tasty breakfast, we are waiting for Geoff’s Keynote to start. @Dana Brown is introducing him now…

Came here to check for Kem’s yearly thread. 9 seconds later it appeared. :slight_smile:

Check the @Xojo and @xdc2016 hashtags on Twitter too.

Attendees from various countries, about 45% from outside the US. 25% first-timers. No @Gavin Smith or @scott boss though, so there’s that…

Partnering with GrapeCity to expand into the Japanese market.

Over 15,000 forum members, a 32% (?) increase over last year. (I might have missed the percentage, someone else correct me.)

Over 276,000 posts. Only about 20,000 that are not from @Michel Bujardet though. (Yes, Michel is here.)

Yes - but no mention of the hotel dressing gowns yet!

Now talking about Xojo Cloud. Last year Geoff talked about how there had not been any breaches in over 360 million attempts. This year, they don’t know exactly because they had to stop tracking. Users’ logs were filling up!

They track monthly now, but still no breaches.

Announcing the Xojo Design Awards. I won’t recap the winners here as I’m sure they will be posted elsewhere. Also don’t want to miss anyone.

If you’re interested in what was announced last year and how things turned out, check out the thread at


Geoff is now addressing developments since the last XDC.

  • 949 bugs fixed
  • 187 new features implemented
  • HiDPI support
  • Raspberry Pi
  • 64-bit builds with LLVM compiler
  • Addressed top iOS requests

Now addressing what’s coming up in R4…

Xojo Cloud will get faster uploading. The first time you upload, it sends everything. Subsequently, the Libs folder is cached. Now showing a video comparing r3, r4, and r4 with caching. Expect 400% improvement.

#xdc2016? or @xdc2016?

Windows HiDPI will be out of beta, and the IDE will be in high-res.

I am there in spirit…

IDE in HiRes will be a big win for lots of people.

Windows framework is getting an update. Behind the scenes, GDI and GDI+ will be replaced with Direct2D. It will give you better, smoother graphics and hardware acceleration.

Note: you won’t see the improvement on a virtual machine, but on actual hardware.

Less or no flicker on Windows?

Yes, #xdc2016 on Twitter. Thanks Scott.

What’s coming up in 2017…


  • 64-bit will be out of beta.
  • Split/Joins improvements for String in 64-bit.
  • Including XojoScript and debugging.
  • App icons and version info for Windows.
  • Remote debugging for Pi.

Q2 & 3:

  • 64-bit will become the default. But 32-bit is not going away.
  • 64-bit IDE.
  • Windows will require 64-bit for the IDE. (Again, building 32-bit will still be there.)