XDC2015 Open Conversation - Day 1

Good morning.

It’s the first day of XDC. Coming up is Geoff’s keynote and a conversation about the new framework, among other interesting topics.

Many of you couldn’t attend but might be curious about the goings on, so use this to keep track and to post your questions and observations. Where we can, we’ll pass them along and post the responses.

Geoff’s keynote starts at 9 AM local time (10 AM EDT) and I’ll post live updates as I can. Also follow @xojo on Twitter for more information.

Presenters, I got a notice this morning of an update to Keynote (v.6.5.3). Perhaps that deals with the issue that @Greg O’Lone and others mentioned yesterday? I haven’t seen this issue so I can’t test it.

Well, I just noticed that the update was from April 21 and I just missed it, so I’m guessing not.

It’s too early, go back to sleep.

Sorry if I woke you. I’ll post quieter.

We will be live tweeting at @xojo but we will also post a recap blog post as soon as we can! Will post a link here when it’s up. Here’s to a great conference! It’s going to be a fun day :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping us informed, guys. Every year I hope to attend and every year the stars don’t align. However, I am wearing my official Xojo t-shirt in honor of the day :wink:

Thanks Kem Tekinay & Dana Brown for the live updates as we couldn’t attend XDC.

After a nice breakfast, we are sitting in the conference room waiting for the Keynote to start. As always, having interesting conversations will a variety of fascinating people throughout.

@Alyssa Foley introduces @Geoff Perlman who emerges from between huge Greek columns wielding a trident!

Or he just walked up on stage, not sure, I was distracted.

And so it begins…

Sessions will be recorded for the first time for the benefit of attendees. (Not sure if non-attendees will have access or not.)

Xojo Wars, developed by @Paul Lefebvre , will be the game contest this year. Prize will be an Apple Watch.

The iOS XDC app that the attendees are using this year was developed in Xojo by @Greg O’Lone and @Norman Palardy .

Talking now about what went into developing the XDC app and the registration app they used behind the desk. There will be a session about it, and it will also be open-source.

Talking about the forum, old vs. new. In the last two years, participation and activity has jumped since switching to the new forum software. A big draw for new users who think we’re “friendly”. Go figure.

Xojo Cloud hosted in Chicago, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney now. Now with SSL, Postgres, and MySQL support.

Talking now about the security behind Xojo Cloud. Out of 360 million scan, they have zero known breaches.

Xojo Cloud will change. Starting in June, the server specs at all levels will double for the same price at each level.

Talking about the new framework now and what’s in it. Other than iOS, you can mix calls to frameworks. There will be a session devoted to the new framework right after the keynote.

That is great! Love the enthusiasm!

@Gavin Smith tweet us a picture of working in your Xojo shirt and I’ll send you some Xojo conference swag!