XDC London

Starting a discussion topic about XDC London. We are so looking forward to putting on the best XDC ever! Please share on here if you’re coming and let us know if you have any questions.


Count me in. I’m looking forward to seeing London for the first time and hoping to turn it into a mini-vacation if my wife can work it out.


This is of course just my luck. I shall be in Sheffield for exactly those three days with tickets for the World Snooker Championships. All booked up there since last April. :rage: Well - there it is.

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Looking forward to it! XDC was worth travelling to the USA for, so having it in my hometown is going to be amazing.


Anyone coming to London, please consider using trains.
Heathrow Airport → Russel Square is easy with Piccadilly underground line.

We may even take train from Cologne to London as that may be easier than going through airports.


I put together some high level information about pricing for flights and trains here.


I just registered - can’t wait!


What if I want to come to conference with my wife?
Are there extra costs?
Can she attend the evening activities?
Where can I put on the registry form that she will come too?

Glad to hear you’re thinking of attending and it will be nice to have your wife attend the events! As we have a limited number of guest passes those orders go through me or Customer Service. I’ll send you a PM with details on how to order.

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Me and Jonathan will be there!

@PaulS Simply reach out to Dana, she’ll set you up. My wife too will be coming to London, as she did in Nashville. She enjoys the evening events and works remotely during the session days … or so she says (I keep wondering about all those empty champagne bottles in the room)


@Dana_Brown has already send me a pm.
Everything is clear now. I have registered for the XDC and my wife will join me. She will do sightseeing, visiting museums and do some shopping :wink: during the day.


Nice to see people from Canada joining.

Beside the XDC, we may take the chance to visit the Warner Brother Studios to see the Harry Potter scenery.

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If you’re a fan of the movies you’ll love it. Budget about 5 hours to experience it.

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Yes! We currently have people registered from Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, USA


I’ve been there a couple of times - it’s well worth the entry fee for sure.


The hotel has provided a reservations link if you’d like to reserve your under the Xojo room block with our discount. This information is also on the XDC website. Note that all of the pricing on their website does include VAT (taxes), so they are showing the total price.

I’ve stayed there before and it’s a very nice hotel with comfortable, quiet rooms. Of course you can stay at any hotel you like that is within your budget (there are many nearby), but we do recommend staying at the conference hotel. I’m sure other attendees would agree. There are often late night chats in the bar, so if you stay at the hotel you won’t have far to go!

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Wow. 275£ per night with tax.

I may go with the Ambassadors Bloomsbury across the street, which is 185£ for single and 195£ for double.

And the Premier Inn charges 707£ for the 5 nights with night rates from 121 to 157£.

Highly recommend Premier Inn which has the best bed… since all you need is sleep at the hotel room

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We have to book the conference at hotels that have the right meeting space available, etc. but we wanted to make sure there were less expensive options nearby to meet everyone’s preference. With many options a few minutes walking distance it makes things very convenient.