XDC London, Day 1 Open Discussion

The first day of the conference starts.
Please come down to the conference area and grab yourself a coffee and a seat.


Starting. You can watch recording later.

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XDC 2023 app, written in Xojo, is available on both the App Store

And Google play store


What’s new this year ?

So far we got a review what happened in the last years and what changed in Xojo over time.

XDC Videos will be free this year and available soon.


Windows UI changes are coming.

Windows UI Modernization will be a new XAML container control. The Extensible Application Markup Language is a way to describe controls in XML and host them in Xojo. Eventually the XAML controls will replace the regular controls, so the container is a way to try a few of them earlier.

Popover is coming and gets showed.


Android is coming with Xojo 2023r2 as public beta.
If you have an iOS/Mobile license or Pro (Plus), you can use it to build.

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They are working on Xojo libraries and Database connection class.
Also thinking about AI…


The Xojo IDE use it since the down of times (of my memory)… :joy:

Well, having a way to design a window / container and then show it as popover sounds interesting. We’ll see how it turns out.

Paul’s presentation is about framework, differences and similarities for the platforms.

William’s presentation on the XAMLContainer that will be coming in the future is quite interesting.
You can define your layout for the container through xaml and catch the event coming from actions on the XAMLcontrols that you defined for the XAMLcontainer. Looks very promising.


See also the new blog post:

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Williams shows XAML controls including all the nice things Microsoft offers there from menus, popovers to web viewer and map controls, various containers, stacked views, lists and smooth scrolling.

When you see this, you wonder if they can do similar on macOS and Linux.

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Seems very interesting. Great job xojo team.

So am I understanding DesktopXAMLContainer correctly? It’s a kind of container control that is not cross platform and requires designing the layout in code?

I built the one Xojo uses. It is very far from an official popover. It’s a container control embedded in front of the layout canvas. To achieve transparency effect, the layout canvas is drawn into the popover’s canvases. It’s all a bunch of trickery and is highly specialized for that one specific use case.

I hope that the new popover will at some replace this hack job I created.


Where does the IDE use this?

I would assume that you layout your window as normal and that Xojo would create the XAML for you?

Editing a button caption in the layout editor. Or list contents, text field contents, and so on.