XDC London, Day 1 Open Discussion

Ah, of course. A nice hack nonetheless.

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Yeah. I do have a minor correction. The popover “chrome” or shape is actually drawn on the layout canvas itself, around the outside of the embedded container.

I would assume that right now its proof of concept to see if Xaml islands can be used and that down the road many internal controls will be based on this to get Windows 10 and Windows 11 native UI. And then creating the Xaml would be hidden from you, as in you would just drag in Button as you do now and you get button that under the hood is Xaml island button instead of legacy Win32 button.

I attempted my self a while ago to do Xaml islands in Xojo but came to the conclusion that first step would probably have to happen on Xojo’s end since Apps that use Xaml islands need to add some things into their manifest.

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Yes, the container is to make some XAML usage possible before the whole framework moves over.

That is indeed how it looks today at the conference. Container where you can define things through xaml for now, but in the future you’ll just drag and drop for instance a Xaml button control and the thing will define itself in the background. It looked quite interesting, but is of course a Windows only thing.

So… if I’m understanding correctly, even when these are fully mature, we won’t have cross platform options? I expected that DesktopPushButton would get updated to use the new control on Windows, so that I can still use the layout on Mac. But that’s not going to be the case? To utilize the new controls in a cross platform app, I’d have to maintain two layouts?

And this is acceptable in a cross platform tool? It sounds very unreasonable to me.


I assume Xojo will keep a set of controls that are cross platform compatible in the “general” list of controls which use XAML on windows and whatever tech on Mac/Linux so their implementation doesn’t matter to the Xojo user, then have a sub-section that will be “windows” only for the extra fancy stuff that you get out of the box for “free”. These can then slowly be moved to “general” as implementation is either copied or released on other platforms.

That is the complete opposite of what I read from the description.

To me it reads as Xojo will retain its single window layout and function on all platforms. Only on windows will that turn into a native XAML control under the hood, rather than a Win32 button (or what ever the latest version does on Windows). The Mac control will remain exactly that, a Mac Control, rather than some sort of bodge windows on mac thing.

This is an intermediate step that allows you to access everything available in XAML. The next step after this is where we will use this technology under the hood for the standard Windows controls that we provide in the Library.


Thanks for the confirmation. That’s what I figured originally, but comments from attendees made it seem like that wasn’t going to be the case.

Sorry for the confusion. I only meant that the xaml part is windows only, not that you’d have to do something different per platform.

I’m pretty sure is not the same “thing” :wink:


is there a timeline for XAML and librairies ?
i understand we could use XAML controls for windows apps only at first ?