fntastic. great. epic. incrdible. doozy.

Can’t hear all of that self-praising any longer.

If Eddie or Craig use the word “automatically” ONE more time… I’m going back to my abacus

They think you’re “really gonna love it.”

So far nothing they have talked about “impresses” me at all… some of it actually scares me a bit.
I don’t want Photos to organize things automatically…
I don’t want Music to build playlists for me

Its supposed to HELP me… not take over my life.

reminds me of
in the year 2525… if man is still alive… if woman can survive, we may find

But what about the cute animated stickers in Messages?

Oh - they are so faaaantastic, incredible - and you really gonna love it…

“some” of the changes to Messages are interesting… but I do and will always avoid ApplePay and anything requiring iCloud

paranoid? perhaps?

Enjoy your tin hat :slight_smile:

What was that thing about security? Adaptive security or something? Didn’t sound very securing to me …

aluminum foil… not tin… geez

You guys are so much fun!

There was a comment about the keynote over on MacRumors that read, “I’d liken that to a dog and pony show, without the dogs or the ponies.” I think that sums it up perfectly.

And another comment about iOS 10: “I’m personally not impressed by iOS 10. All I saw was several features to turn off.”

especially the lock screen where now someone can get to a crap load of my personal stuff without having to unlock the phone

where’s that security they were talking about ?

assuming of course you are given that option :slight_smile:

I rather liked the door camera/lock thing. Baddie rings bell, I answer, large thumb and unlock door by accident. :slight_smile:

Must admit nothing set me on fire this time!

WWDC is not one I’d usually describe as “dull”
This one was no matter how worked up Craig & Eddie tried to be

Nothing of interest for me, apart from Siri integration.
Now I can take my laziness to the next level, and speak my messages :slight_smile:

It was one of those Apple keynotes with a ton of new little things, most of which are very nice (ignoring the sticker nonsense) but individually aren’t very exciting. Nothing hugely groundbreaking but I really saw a lot of nice stuff and can’t wait to dive into it.

It’s something incredible that they’ve been working on. It’s based on Emojis and Minnie Mouse - and you’re gonna love it!

I thought the minnie mouse thing was … ComicPorn ?

Lots of little things - none ground breaking
I sure hope this means that the “oh and we’ve taken a lot of time to fix all the things we broke in El Capitan”