Wrong Screen Size (Small)

Hi to all,
When I run an app I created either on the Simulator or on the device (the simulator or device being iPhone 5 or iPhone 6), I get a iPhone4s vertical screen size with black stripes on the top and bottom.
I am sure I am missing something simple, but could not find it so far.
Any ideas?

Thank you very much in advance

Have you made sure to include ALL of the launch image sizes? If you don’t have the correct sizes then iOS puts your app in a compatibility view like you are seeing.

Ah no, I just wanted a quick test. Thank you Jason, I will create and include all the launch image sizes.

Here is an archive that contains a series of black launch images, just here to insure a good rendition.


Thanks Michel. They will be handy when I want to test a project in the early stages.


Thanks Paul. It is quite informative…

Here is an free app (enhanced version of what XOJO supplies) that will create semi-custom launch images in the click of the mouse


Thanks Dave, I think it will prove very useful.