Why is the worker class locked to Desktop and up only?

At the moment, I am focused only on the Windows platform, that’s why I only purchased that license. Maybe in the future I would have tried mac and linux, but at the moment I only want Windows. I don’t need the other platforms or the extra databases. I know I am not the one deciding what is included or not in each license type, nor did I pretended to do so. All I asked was what was the reason to block such a good feature, that would have probably made tons of developers hop in the xojo ecosystem for a reasonable fee…

I happen to agree with you on that. Same could be said about console and saving as text.

If you are just developing for yourself it is a safe bet that you do not actually NEED these features.

But by the same logic those that NEED the feature have to decide whether they want to pay more to get it because commercial apps and even in-house apps nowadays demand it - but then you also need cross-platform anyway.

I don’t disagree… I used a similar argument when they were removing console from desktop. As i said i think full console should be included in desktop… And I wonder if ANYONE really buys pro because it has console. But it’s not my call.


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Saving source code to text and multithreading are standard features in most environments now…

Let me ask the other way round and assume for a moment that Xojo could generate the same income if there was just one license at $499.

Would it make sense that Pros pay less, and the entry market is closed to the next generation?

So if you make it tiered how do you separate different license types? You might want workers but do not use databases or regex or styled text. Should THAT be the distinction.

And Xojo had different license structures over the years, and will undoubtedly change it again.

It’s a fast changing market, and Apple, Microsoft, and Google are starting to take cross-platform development serious … interesting times ahead, and we know what they say about interesting times …

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P.S. I work with the motto that Xojo has to earn its keep - if I make enough money with it, I buy a new license. If not, then not.

So bootstrap your development and license … :wink:

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Well in that regard they could learn a few or more things about price differentiation from other companies that are in the crossplatform ecosystem as them… like yoyogames (GameMaker) or even Unity.

I’m sure Geoff would love to hear your suggestions … :innocent:


This is all I’m going to say on this, from their press release Xojo: Xojo 2020r2 Adds New iOS Features, Apple Silicon Support

Our new Worker class makes this simple so that any Xojo user can get huge gains in their app’s data processing speed.

I think their emphasis would be

Our new Worker class makes this simple so that any Xojo user can get huge gains in their app’s data processing speed.

Doesn’t say anything about a Xojo user not having to spend more for it … :roll_eyes:

… and yes, I’m dealing with too many lawyers …


:thinking::scream: : And NO, I’m NOT a criminal! :man_facepalming:


So let get this right.
You can download and develop you package for as long as it takes for you to complete the software.
Then when you have to spend $99 to compile it you are having a ■■■■■ about it.
If you smoke or drink, don’t do that for a week and its paid for.
Seriously $99.
Thats a TANK of fuel!!!
XOJO has been brilliant, used it for the last 24+ months developing my own software. Only having to pay when I need to distribute is fantastic and even then it is only once!!! depending on which option I choose.
If its that big a problem for you, GO SOMEWARE ELSE!!!

Well, NOT really. As it says in this thread, the worker class is NOT working in debug mode, so you NEED to buy a license to DEVELOP your software.

Wrong AGAIN, please read more carefully the title of this thread, the whole topic is that you have to spend $299 to compile the software using the feature this thread is about.

Well, as sad as it is, many users are doing just that :confused:


If you have an app that needs the power to crunch which workers provide, then $299 isn’t a huge investment either.
Try buying any Embarcadero solution for that.

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Be careful what you wish for! If people take your advice, then you will suffer as a result - the vendor will have less to invest in further product development, third party support will dwindle and the community will declined.

Building a great application costs a lot of time and money, which is why developers and owners are concerned about ensuring that the tools and frameworks they use are going to continue to grow and support them going forward.

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But you don’t need to and that’s the point. The miss management and decline of Delphi should serve as a warning not an example for comparison!

Embarcadero was taken over a few years back and I think the tool set has changed hands about five times with each owner being less invested than the previous owners. In fact the current owners were more interested in the database tools and saw Delphi as a cash cow with locked in customers.

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You ARE aware that there are Xojo users who do not HAVE a car?

Maybe think a bit outside that very narrow box you’re in?


Yikes! I thought fuel was expensive here, ~ $35 USD for 40 liters of 98.

Am now.

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Or Python… Why would I choose Embarcadero? Just because a piece of software is pricier doesn’t make it better.


I am sorry but I have a feeling some of you are out of touch with the reality… Suggesting to leave and pick another tool, or comparing pricier (and bad) alternatives just for the sake of making a comparison… Heads-up in the last 5+ years, more and more alternatives, some free and some not, are picking up traction. Just because some of you are ignoring what is out there feeling comfy in their little corner… I will stop here.

BTW the whole point of the topic was to make XOJO aware that I personally want them to become a force, however some of their decisions are not making any logical sense business-wise. Why would you lock down a feature that has potential to attract users to your platform, behind something the user might not need. As a better alternative they could have increased the price for the 1 platform licenses by 5%-10% and that’s it.

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