Why is the worker class locked to Desktop and up only?

I don’t need to build for Mac or Linux, only Windows, so it seemed the logical reason to get a license only for Windows. So why such a much requested and important feature, is paywalled behind a bigger license type, for which I have absolutely no use?

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I thought Geoff decided in the end to make it available for every Xojo version.
Is this not the case?

Shows that you need a Desktop License to get Workers.

Nope. I just purchased a Windows only license just to see if I will return to Xojo and big surprise, Worker needs a Desktop license. I am quite curious what is the reasoning behind this? Because to me, at the moment, it looks just like a shady tactic to force users pay for the bigger license for absolutely no sense of logic.

You may not like it, but there is nothing “shady” about it.


Isn’t it the case that workers are (in effect) console apps?
I’m surprised they aren’t ‘Pro’ only…


Why would this basic feature of quite honestly, pretty much all the programming languages out there, be a “pro” only feature?

Yes well, when I got the newsletter about this feature being finally added to Xojo, I was quite glad and hoped in to get a new license in a second. Knowing Xojo can also build for the Web and seeing Desktop thrown in there, it didn’t even occurred to me that it meant “Desktop License” and not Desktop programming… that’s the shaddy part, they should have done a better job explaining, especially for someone who hasn’t used xojo in quite a few yers, or even at all.

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It’s not, but as a business, Xojo can do what they’d like. Their only obligation is to be up front about it, and they are.

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At first it was Pro only, but Geoff reconsidered it to make it available for everyone. I cannot find the mail for this but I am pretty sure he did say this.

Edit: found the mail. It is Desktop license or higher. So not for the Lite version.

There are a couple of features in Desktop not available with Lite, like saving in Text (for version control), database support, compile for 2 other platforms with a big price difference from Lite.

Now, another difference, worker class.

I have said several times that some clients will want some of those features but not at 3x the Lite version. Maybe someday they will offer in-app purchases for the Lite version and be able to get one or two extra features without paying $200 more.

I don’t recall “this” feature on any other programming language. You must be confused with something else. Real multithreading perhaps?

You already can create console apps and send data to them with a pro license. If this time they added a class to do it a little more easy and also lower the license level from PRO to DESKTOP, and that was because users complain about being a PRO feature here in the forum, you just need to read more carefully.

And if you feel misleaded, well, they have a 90 days refound policy

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Well, there has to be differences between licenses after all. If you need those extras, just pay for it and go on.


Yes, of course. I’m just saying that for people that only need to compile for windows (like OP), and a Lite license is enough, is hard to justify paying 3x just for Text saving or just for worker class.

Needing a Desktop license for OP “feels” like a big waste because Mac, Linux and other features are not needed.

No license scheme will make everyone happy.

I agree with you, if you need something that is not covered by the license you use, you will need to buy a different license or move to another product.

Why are full console apps not included in Desktop?

After all they are useful for all desktop platforms, and one way or another console apps are the only way for Xojo to use more than one core - which all desktop machines have these days… and the biggest kicker is that full console USED TO BE INCLUDED in desktop!

The answer:
Geoff thinks he can make more money now by not including console in desktop and Xojo Inc is a for profit company that can do what they want.

All we can do is vote on these decisions with our wallets… Buy if it is not an issue for us or find another product we would rather use.

As full console is not in desktop (as it should be IMO) I think it was a very good decision by Geoff, (even if he had to be prodded into it) to include workers in desktop.

Xojo’s strength is Xplatfrom. The Single platform desktop licenses are just meant to be entry level… and remeber with single they are completing with free from the platform vendors - which for single platforms are much more full featured than Xojo… The point is to hopefully get them to go to at least desktop in the long run.



I don’t know what that has to do with this. Xojo’s business decision is not dishonest, misleading, nasty, or wrong. It’s inline with the kind of decisions companies make every day, and makes perfect sense to me.

To put it another way, “I don’t like it” is not the same as “wrong”.


Good post, but one quibble. As the MVP group was part of that conversation, I can assure you that Geoff was not “prodded”. He was convinced by solid arguments.


Well one thing is for sure, this business model they have, it’s awful. Blocking basic features behind a bigger subscription for no logical reason, and when I say bigger I mean a lot, this screams the company is not quite customer focused. Too bad…

Well, I’m known for criticizing Xojo quite a bit (they COULD do a lot better), but here I have to criticize YOU:

it seems to me you are not focused on single-platform development as you claim. Xojo is a cross-platform tool, and as such it will always be less powerful than dedicated development platforms. If you want to start developing with future cross-platform in mind, then Xojo is a valid choice and the single desktop license the cheapest entry point. Do you get EVERYTHING thrown in for $99? Of course not. But YOU are not the one who decides what should or should not be included. It would be NICE if workers and console are included everywhere - but there is certainly no obligation for it on Xojo’s part.

And there are plenty of other fish in the sea.


Console are considered as the most basic apps in other languajes. I think that many potential clients could laught when they see that in order to build a very basic console app in xojo, they had to pay a “PRO” licence and then go to look other optios.

Who knows, maybe is good business to have few pros than many desktops…