Why is the worker class locked to Desktop and up only?

Originally the Worker class was going to be Pro only, make $699 the lowest point of entry. So the $299 Desktop is already a big change on their end.

There has to be some differentiation above Lite. I don’t think Desktop is unreasonable at all. (Though admittedly I use Pro licenses.)

And adding 5-10% onto a $99 license does not really do much. And too many choices are not a good solution either. Xojo already listened and you can now get for $299 instead of $699.

IMHO the Lite version was already not suitable for serious work, as you can’t get as much benefit from a source control version with the binary format. And that goes for single, independent developers like myself too. I spent decades programming without them, and really wonder now why I kept my head in the sand as long as I did.

Not required; I’ve never saved a single project in anything else than the binary format since the RB days. And I’m fine with that.

I went for decades without using source control and thought I was fine with it too. Then I had to use it for a couple projects that I was helping another developer with, and discovered just how valuable it was. Nearly everything I do is just me, but I am totally convinced of the value of source control even for a single developer now.

I literally did not know what I was missing. (But this is off-topic to this thread so I’ll stop now.)


I think, generally, there are two types of programmers: those that use source control, and those that haven’t tried it.