Why are Windows ARM builds not on the roadmap?

ARM is obviously the future and 32-bit x86 apps on Windows ARM64 are… well they suck. Microsoft is still working on that, but regardless, ARM is definitely going to have a major role in the future of computing. So why is Windows ARM support not even on the roadmap yet?


Well, disclaimers on the roadmap page include:

This roadmap only includes large features that we are ready to discuss publicly.

WARNING: This roadmap is subject to change. It will be reviewed monthly and revised if necessary.

So we don’t know they are not working on it internally. It also could be that they do / did not want to say anything until a (potential) monthly updated after Win 11 was publicly announced.

But I know less about Xojo internal workings than you do, so …

Maybe we need Feedback feature request for it and number in this thread so people can sign onto it.


There are rumors about Microsoft working on ARM. It would not be the first time they do it, though. The first surface tablets were ARM, but at the time, it was not exactly a success.

Windows already exists in ARM version (as bundled in Parallels for Mac).

If and when Microsoft or other hardware makers come up with ARM machines, it should not be difficult for Xojo to add that option. Between Mac and Raspberry Pi, they already provide ARM Xojo programs.

It probably explains why they don’t put it in the roadmap. They already have the technology.

Is there a feedback case?

By that logic, why is Linux ARM64 on the roadmap?

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I found the case: 62672 - add support for building windows arm

Like with Linux for ARM 64-bit, I expect this is a few days work to got through all the various projects, duplicate the compile scripts/projects for new platform and add them to the build process. Then build and fix any compiler error as you find them. Then later add a new checkbox to the IDE and check all the features if they still work. There may be hidden problems like structure sizes not perfectly matching.

Anyway, the bigger problem is currently probably the business case. Like how many Xojo users like that feature and how does it help Xojo Inc. financially to have them.

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Not sure, but besides Linux 32 announced death, Linux ARM64 are where the best Cloud prices are.

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And its not Rumors, its a fact. There are users on this very list running the new Windows ARM on their M2 Mac for example.


I think that MS seems to aim some kind of GA Windows ARM release until the end of the year. ARM notebooks sales for Christmas? :grin:

Ahum, M2 Mac ?!?!


Small Typo ! I went a bit ahead of my time there


@Thom McGrath — There are many reasons, but one of them (imho) is that Microsoft cannot provide a good emulation of 32/64-bits Intel apps without negotiating with Apple.

We know that one of the biggest culprit in executing Intel code is the management/ownership of memory which forces any emulator to execute way more code than usual when accessing memory. Apple has implemented an Intel-style memory-management in their cores to avoid all that memory-checking-mess but it is certainly not public. So as long as Microsoft and Apple don’t get an agreement, emulation in Windows ARM will suck.

I verified that my apps compiled for Intel untouched ran perfectly under Windows ARM in Parallels on Mac Mini M1.

It may not be that difficult. In the days of PowerPC (used in Mac), that processor ran Intel apps on IBM PS2 machines. After all, ARM is also RISC.

I tested last night compiling one plugin for Windows ARM, it was “Average plugin” so has a bit of UI and bit of API calls. Just to try.

Biggest step was just to learn what needs to be set up and such after that it just compiled.

But I expect there are some edge cases somewhere maybe where porting things may not be as straight forward as this test.

Win 10 Home ARM edition, FHD, $350, ARM Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2. Fresh Launched.

The focus of those is to run native ARM 64 apps.

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Have-you read the Roadmap yesterday or Today ?


Are you serious? Windows 10 ARM has being in the market for years. :expressionless:

That was almost a DECADE ago.

Again, those have existed for tears now. Windows 10 ARM can even be installed in a Raspberry Pi. And xojo still has not Windows 10 ARM on the Roadmap.

No windos ARM builds there :roll_eyes: That is the topic of the thread.

32-bit or 64-bit? It’s my understanding that 32-bit x86 works alright on Windows ARM, but 64-bit does not.

64-bit apps do work in Windows 10 ARM. Mine built with Xojo work quite well, and I use them daily.