Who has reverted to 2012 IDE

Not going to start trolling

I just can’t get along with the new IDE in it’s current state so have gone back to using the 2012 IDE for now. I am in no doubt that the Xojo IDE will get better.

Just curious if I am alone in doing this or is everyone currently perservering with the Xojo release.?

I’m soldiering on. One, the bugs and inconveniences, while noticeable, are not hindering me. Two, the Cocoa version of my app will not run properly in 2012.

I have reverted just to finish up an app. I could finish in Xojo though. But I’m in the final stretch so being able to intuit the IDE is advantageous. Xojo’s rough edges will get pounded out. I look forward to the day I am as comfortable with it as I am with RS2012.

Yeah, I’m all for the new IDE. Has a few issues here and there, but the framework is well worth the little added hassle, which isn’t much really. I have not run into any show stopping bugs and the rest is just cheese moving or a slightly different way of working with it. I find now that I am wasting very little time due to the IDE.

Let me add that I have an in-house web app that I occasionally update with new features. That I’m using Xojo for entirely. The web fixes are great and I’m under no pressure so the Xojo issues aren’t all that problematic.

I’m sticking with Xojo, but it is painful. Here’s a copy of some hints I wrote earlier on how to use it without being driven insane:

I’ve been using 2013 solidly for about 48 hours now, and my productivity is increasing. Here is how I’ve learned to use the new IDE - this may not work for you, but mirrors how I worked in the old IDE:


  • Consider the 1st tab (the one with the Debugger) as the “Home” tab and never do any editing in this tab. Use this for “debugger” and “search” only.
  • When I want to edit an object, search for it by name using the Navigator’s Filter field, then Right-Click it and choose “open in new tab” (there really needs to be a keyboard equivalent for this)
  • After a while, I’ll have 6-12 open tabs which contain the items that I’m currently editing. If I start opening more than 12 tabs, then I’m probably losing my cognitive focus and should close a few tabs and stop trying to do 3 things at once :slight_smile:
  • I pretty much ignore the Navigator’s left and right arrows the popup menu, as I haven’t figured out how to use these effectively
  • I try to use the Toolbar’s Back and Forward buttons, though they don’t seem reliable

Things that get in the way of using the IDE this way:

  • the IDE doesn’t honor “Double-click to open item in new tab” always
  • several contextual menus have “Edit Code” or “Edit Superclass” choices, but don’t have “Edit _____ in New Tab” option which I need
  • Overloaded methods: the IDE routinely jumps to the wrong one. This bug has been around for a million years, really needs to get fixed!
  • toolbar Back & Forward buttons are unreliable, and seem to lose the history stack when the Debugger is in use

I’ve reverted to using the old IDE and will not change back…likely ever, haha. I love the whole idea of the Xojo relaunch: the new website, the deliberate widening of the user base, the general enthusiasm…but there is just no way I’d switch to the Xojo IDE. I’ve given it a couple of weeks of “getting used to” so it’s definitely not a “oh, you just gots ta re-train ya brain! then you’ll be gettin’ the ol’ hang of it, buddy boy!” type of thing. It’s a: I need to get stuff done, let’s use the functional IDE with the vastly superior workflow…type of thing…

Still have the Old IDE side by side but I don’t use it anymore…

The “Focus” issues are making me nuts…

we keep the file extension as rbp and then my hubby used the RS2012 to design the forms and i used the xojo for the rest of the stuff (mostly coding)

i love the new XOJO IDE. I love how i can add an a bunch of code in the events to one control and then do a copy and the paste to a set of similar control

I’ll never go back…
Of course Xojo IDE has some issues but it’s a so big step that I’ve forgotten the old one.

Would like to know more. Struggling to see how the new IDE is such a big step forward?

I don’t know if I’d call it a big step forward as more of an evolution. I’ve been told there are some things that are planned that would be very hard to do in the Real Studio IDE that will become possible in the Xojo IDE. I don’t know what those things are but I will believe them.

This is version 1.0 of the new IDE. It will evolve and change based on our feedback but they had to ship it first.

I find myself using the Real Studio IDE a couple of times a day for various things and thinking, “Gosh, this looks OLD now.” I’m using Xojo all day long on a Web Edition project. Yeah, it has some warts, but it’s useable and that’s what counts for me.

I should clarify that I still use Real Studio when working on shared projects (MacOSLib and Windows Functionality Suite). It’s not required, but I don’t want users to get the “you may love data” (or whatever it says) message when opening the projects in the older IDE. Eventually, those will move to the new IDE too.

For myself ease of use/efficiency is more important that looking “new”. The new IDE has long way to go before it gets close to the old one in that respect (though I’m not sure how close it can get because of the navigator).

That said, staying with the old IDE now is not really an option because of Cocoa on the desktop, and bug fixes to the web edition, as well as keeping up with OS changes in general.

For that reason I try to stay in Xojo most of the time.

Was it shipped too early maybe?

Do the Alpha/Beta testers all work off 50" dual screen Apple monitors because the Xojo IDE on my 15" laptop feels like I am working in a sardine tin. :frowning:

I can use it with no crashes and no loss of data, so I’d say no. As we all know, if you wait to ship a product until all, or even most, bugs are fixed, you will never ship your product. And I remind everyone again that the Real Studio IDE was vehemently opposed by some when it replaced the original IDE, with many of the same criticisms.

There were surveys sent out about whether it was shippable. So Xojo didn’t just blindly set a date. Some were comfortable with it way back in February. Some would probably never allow it to ship. I’m sure once they had a consensus they moved forward.

I’m glad they shipped it. More eyes trying different things out, more opinions on the direction it should go. Plus, the web improvements were much needed. This kind of product is never done.

[quote=16384:@Lee Page]Was it shipped too early maybe?

Do the Alpha/Beta testers all work off 50" dual screen Apple monitors because the Xojo IDE on my 15" laptop feels like I am working in a sardine tin. :([/quote]

Do the “designers of Xojo”…