Who bought the 2021 Omegabundle and for what?

“I do not use Valentina but even me looking at Omega bundle was confused about what Valentina is and offers”

Valentina Studio Pro is an all purpose database management product that works with most popular databases. It includes a visual Report Designer for creating projects containing reports. Those reports can be used with the Valentina Reports ADK reports engine. The same reports can also be loaded up on Valentina Server. It has a bunch of other features including diagramming, forms design and more. Reports and forms have their own programmatic models. We get a lot of PostgreSQL users and those cross-grading from Navicat or other database management tools.

Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo. This is a reports engine that can be compiled into your app. It uses projects containing reports. It works with most popular databases. This gets used by a lot of developers that need to ‘print’ reports, like specialized financial apps, accounting type apps and even label printing. You can print to PDF, text, images, etc. If you are looking for a Crystal Reports type solution then Valentina Reports is a good option.

ValentinaDB ADK for Xojo. This is our own proprietary database engine that is extremely fast and flexible. ValentinaDB is also supported on Valentina Server. ValentinaDB is Ruslan’s first born and it has over two decades of refinements. For some, it makes for a very nice internal data format. For others, it works exceedingly well for financial or medical apps that need the speed it offers. There is a shortlist of advantages at the bottom of this page.

Valentina Server. This is a standalone server product. The VCLIENT part of every ADK can work with it. It includes:

  • ValentinaDB Server. A multiuser server version of ValentinaDB
  • Valentina SQLite Server. Just like it sounds like, and it can leverage both Reports and Forms
  • Valentina Reports Server. A multiuser server for our reporting technologies
  • Valentina Forms Server. Forms are stored in projects and can be opened remotely on Valentina Server from within any version of Valentina Studio

Yes, Id like for us to do a better job on all the features and uses of Valentina Studio. When I have time, Ill hit a page or two (esp if someone ends up asking what the heck it means) check it, and either get help from an engineer to provide better technical descriptions and then polish it again, or just fix what I can. Now and then we’ll have an intern do some fixes as well. At some point Id like to be able to devote the time of a single human to the docs full time.

Right. Every product we sell is also available individually throughout the year.

I think the only exception so far was that Ohanaware’s OAK was offered last year during Omegabundle for Xojo 2020 and it hasn’t yet been offered as a standalone product.

Thank you for replying what has already been displayed in Omogabundle description

It is not easy to understand what you offer but maybe that is me since I do not use Valentina

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Again my hopes are that this thread enhances the next Omegabundle or helps sales in the current Omegabundle as the venders deserve out support

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There are limits to my multitasking, with the extra layer of inhumane heat and wildfire smoke here in Oregon.

Understand, we are burning down in California right now

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Any plans for a distributable reports designer at all Lynn ?

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So far there hasn’t been enough demand for one. We’ve had developers that need a way for their customers to design reports, and in that case, either their customers buy VSP licenses or they ask about volume or reselling. What some developers do also is provide their clients with X # of pre-built templates they make, and then add some additional flexibility into them using parameters.

I am not saying it will never happen, only that so far it hasn’t been warranted.

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Does the valentina studio support oracle database

Not currently, however it is on our to do list.