Who bought the 2021 Omegabundle and for what?

Do you mean to run directly on the IBM i? Or on users connected to the IBM i but running on their local machine also used for 5250 display sessions?

Or have you done Xojo projects compiled for Linux and then run under PASE or QShell?

1st was getting into this stuff again. So I got a PUB 400 account and read a lot of docs and howtos…

But the more I get into this topic,its not about RPG or Cobol, I learned there is pass, and some companies are offering consulting / tools and sevice around this topic ( basesd on .Net ).

So why not doing this part with XOJO and keep this ISeries for doing the hard work (Database , File, Web,….)

About running XOJO in this matchine, hm but XOJO using the Rest API, cool
And much easier to develop / deploy / maintain

Btw : Iseries with Valtentina Forms / Reports, maybe an option too

Shops running the IBM i are very likely to still have vast troves of mission critical applications written in RPG or Cobol – especially RPG – that can’t be easily replaced with Xojo programs. I’ve written RPG code since the S/3 days in the 1970’s (then S/32, S/34, S/36, S/38, AS/400, etc). I still support applications running on the platform, some of which the roots of the code go back 40 years. One thing that IBM is VERY good at is backward compatibility of source code. Puts Microsoft to shame (and let’s not talk about Apple here).

Heck, in the 90’s they even pulled off moving COMPILED object code between CISC and RISC based machines. And during the transition, the programs retranslated to object code optimized for the RISC cpu instead of emulating the old CISC cpu. (Off topic for this forum, but it was some pretty cool stuff.)

Use Xojo for doing which part?

Define “In this machine”. Do you mean stored in the IFS and run via PASE or QP2TERM? PASE is based on AIX and I’ve never researched if Xojo apps compiled for Linux can run there. Might be an interesting experiment though.

If you mean run on user machines connected to the IBM i via REST or ODBC, then the deploy is actually much harder than a single deploy residing on the IBM i.

I do prefer creating Excel files in Xojo and MBS/XLlib than using RPG and POI based tooling, and anymore I tend to do more Excel output for clients than printed reports as it allows them to manipulate the data easier. So if I could do that and run under PASE, that may be interesting. Never tried.

Hi, long time ago I remember these systems as closed universe, but now I learned, there is much more room for doing things different, or bringing extra benefit by using a standard client combining data and Workflows. And for sure development goes much faster and easier ( if you have only time for solutions - text from one of my old T-shirt’s-

Just some ideas coming to my mind as I have now time again to get into these topics.

And this world is now more open…
I know some do C# with special libs here in Germany. So why not bringing some of these things into the XOJO world.

BR Rainer

I think he means more like “Pick any three for $99” …

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Hence the :slight_smile: after my quip meant to suggest I was kidding.

I got the quip, but thought it might be an idea to spell out what he meant. At 3 for $99 or 2 for $99 and 5 for $199 I might have gone for some … so I think it’s actually not a bad idea.

Well, you get a discount because you don’t need them all now.
That is the idea of the bundle.

For you it is worth if you only need 3 or 4 items.


For me, upgrading my Chartdirector and Dynapdf, Valentina Reports and extending my Xdev subscription.


The pricing and ‘menu’ are decided on an annual basis but there is a philosophy behind Omegabundle for Xojo 2021. Having the products of several developers helps ‘lift all boats’ in the 3rd party market for Xojo tools.

3d party tool markets are a kind of microcosm as compared to building apps for, say, just the Mac. Back before the return of Steve Jobs, when mac sales sharply waned, it caused many developers to just pack it in. A few also didn’t make it or were crippled by investing in various rabbit hole technologies. Your market is never ‘all users of platform X’ but a certain and likely small percentage of X at best. And if your vertical market is exceptionally narrow and support costs are high, that’s another bit of pressure on the existence of a 3rd party tool market.

We look at tools that can create new value in products. Adding or supporting a new or key feature using a component can be worth far, far more than the cost of the bundle, and it can help you reach new classes of customer as well.

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You will find discounts on those items during holiday sales, such as Black Friday

If that is the main goal then why not offer what Markus was responding to?

Some of us support Xojo plugin providers all year long , be nice to see a sale dedicated to us

“Some of us support Xojo plugin providers all year long , be nice to see a sale dedicated to us”

This sale is dedicated to you. There are some items in our mix that do have relevance to non-Xojo developers, such as Valentina Studio Pro, Valentina Server, ExeWrapper and AppWrapper, but the rest are specific to Xojo developers.

When you offer a bundle, there are a lot of considerations as compared with other types of sales events. Cherry picking from a menu is always more complicated and it doesn’t necessarily lift all boats in the bundle.

A lot of Xojo developers also know that summer time is Omegabundle time, so they plan their spending accordingly.

I appreciate the Xojo 3rd party vendor ecosystem, always have always will
I have to disagree and say that the Omegabundle is geared towards entrance level licenses to entice new sales not customers of old


But some people do.
Like we sold ChartDirector licenses without bundle.


I have bought Omegabundle before but broke down the cost of everything and no, it did not work for me as i support the vendor’s year round.

One think I would seriously consider is making Valentina Studio more understandable, in it’s current offerings it is so hard to understand from anyone new wanting to invest into what it offers.

I do not use Valentina but even me looking at Omega bundle was confused about what Valentina is and offers
Just a suggestion as I want you to succeed

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“I have to disagree and say that the Omegabundle is geared towards entrance level licenses to entice new sales not customers of old”

Maybe I misunderstood, but I can say that a lot of buyers are doing so every year and some have for the last five years.

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And I’m actually for that as As I expressed before I support and financially support 3rd party vendors for Xojo
Maybe you have not read through this entire thread?

while I can see @Lynn_Fredricks1 replying it has taken some time
I hope what has been discussed here will only add to the value of the next Omegabundle
So many of us pay and rely on 3rd party vendors throughout the year this should be a positive and not perceived as a negative

Honestly @Lynn_Fredricks1 it should not take this long for you to reply as I can see for the last 30 minutes you have been replying

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