Which Apple Platform for iOS Development?

I have been developing PC and Web apps with Xojo on Windows 8.1 Platform. The only Apple brand anything I own is an iPhone 6. If I want to start dabbling in iOS app development, what level of Apple platform should I get to run the Xojo IDE on?

  • I do not want to spend any more than is necessary.
  • I am happy with the performance I currently get on my Windows platform - AMD A8-6500 3.5GHz with integrated Radeon HD graphics; 8GB RAM; 64-bit
  • In Apple’s world, what do I need to spend (buy) to get that level of performance for iOS app development?

I am open to considering Desktop or Laptop - depending on price disparity.

I think a Mac mini would suffice to get started. Or even a used Mac. As long as it can run OS X 10.9 or later, you’ll be fine.

an used mini will do(maybe its better to search for the previous model, you can fill it up with cheap ram rather than having the soldered amount only). Graphics wise its a intel video so don’t expect much.

Regardless of the rest of the specs, any Mac with a SSD will often feel pretty fast.

A low-end MacBook Air makes a very nice and affordable mobile machine. At home, you’d want to plug it into a much bigger display, of course, but it gives you the best of both worlds.

They don’t pop up that much but a refurb Mac Mini from the Apple Store will do great. I also love my MAcBook Air 13"! Love it.

just choose a mac with an ssd drive and it will be fine.
the entry level imac with the ssd option is a good deal.
anyway at least ssd or even fusiondrive if you need space for datas
dont get fooled with a 5400rpm hard drive of standard macs : it’s painly sloooooooow

+1. A slow drive will start to drive you mad.

The larger the monitor the better. Xojo on my MacBook Air 13 is a pain. Speedwise the 2 year old MacBook is totally fine. Also, I wouldn’t run Xojo on a computer with less than 8 GB.

One thing to consider also is that a 1920x1080 screen is a requisite, and much better a Retina screen. Anything with a lower resolution will be a nightmare running the iOS Simulator, which will not fit on the screen for anything larger than the iPhone 4.

True, but you can at least use the iOS Simulator Window menu to lower the scale so it fits on smaller displays.

At 50%, the iPhone 6 Plus just fits vertically on a 1920x1080. On less, it would not fit. Same thing for the iPad Air/Retina, and for that one, it becomes necessary to remove the dock with option-command-D to see the tab bar in the simulator.

Yeah, those iPad retina screens are huge!

I read of people here on the forum that had problems of blurried xojo ide on a retina display :
xojo is clearly not ready for retina still.

Actually you CAN trying turning it on with Retinizer and as far as I know all the bugs that we know of in the IDE are fixed.
Whats NOT possible is to easily create a Retina app using the IDE without declares or other aides like RetinaKit.
There’s not a LOT of things that need to get done they just aren’t done quite yet.

So, just in terms of the IDE for a moment, what is actually holding it up? Higher-res images for buttons etc? Please tell me the company isn’t so strapped for cash that it can’t afford to get new images made :wink:

Its not “cash for icons” :stuck_out_tongue:
Basically we don’t tend to ship the IDE using some thing until / unless YOU can also use it in your projects.
That’s more the hold up.

[quote=150076:@Norman Palardy]Its not “cash for icons” :stuck_out_tongue:
Basically we don’t tend to ship the IDE using some thing until / unless YOU can also use it in your projects.
That’s more the hold up.[/quote]
This isn’t a “feature” in the normal sense! This isn’t something to hold back, you won’t get any kudos when this one ships, it’s not a luxury item I’m afraid.

Oh I know we won’t
Just like a pile of the nice to have features that are in R3 have been overlooked by “OMG iOS !!!” :stuck_out_tongue:
But yes there are plans to enable this in a way that YOU WILL be able to take advantage of this and not way far out in the future.

Previously we told people to NOT enable this with Retinizer as we knew it had a couple bugs that caused
We just don’t have 2x artwork in there and the handling of 1x vs 2x artwork isn’t quite right yet
Thats “one of the things”

I need money - I’ll make you some button images at a reduced cost :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We have all of them as far as I know
They’re just not IN the built IDE