Where examples are gone?

Since 2023 there is no more examples in the Xojo packages !
As there is less and less snippets in the online documentation, it is more and more difficult to write code when we want to use things we have never used before (like “workers”).

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The examples are online now. You need to load them from the IDE Examples option with an internet connection.

I think there is an option to download them, but not sure at this moment.

There was a text file in 2022 releases to tell where to download the examples but now, where is it ?

It is in the new project dialog. Click Examples on the left hand panel.

Ah ok, thank you.
If you have no internet (for any reason) you don’t have examples…

Correct. You will see this (with no internet):



By default, all Xojo documentation is online. But you can choose to install Local Documentation in Preferences which will install a local version for offline use. You can click this button again to update your local documentation. Preferences — Xojo documentation

Oh the problem is not the documentation but the examples.
No way to get examples if your are offline…

What about downloading all the examples at once?

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Thanks, I finally found the Documentation page with the information here:

(I was trying to search the documentation site for ‘examples’, ‘xojo examples’, ‘xojoexamples’ without any good results)

Under Tip:

The examples in this dialog box are loaded via the Internet. If you need access to them when you’re not connected to the Internet, you can download them.

I used Google and searched for: site:documentation.xojo.com xojoexamples.zip

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By default, the “Examples” button is not visible.

A newbie can believe there are none available :frowning:

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I really think there should be much much more examples, even offline. And if you are online you can access the most recent examples.

That is the case, if you use the last Xojo version (IMHO).

But, a screen advertising you about the Examples and Documentation at first run can be added without much work.

Something like:
This is the first time you run Xojo 2024r1. Do you want to download:
The Documentation
The Examples

With buttons like Close, Remind Me, Download (and a MenuItem that can display this window).

Feel free to follow the idea or another of your own !

I’ve already asked the team to add details to the Project Chooser window for users who are offline indicating where to download examples and linking to those pages. You should see this change in r2. Thanks for everyone’s feedback in this thread.


I hope that what is used in the IDE is versionalized, like


Or downloading older versions in the future will get incompatible examples.

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Oh yes, It should be a good idea for the documentation too.

It was for some previous versions…

They are, just confirmed with the team.