What's your programming goal for the new year?

We’ll soon celebrate the start of a whole new year filled with projects, fun, and possibilities. So Xojo folks, I think now is a good time to ask: what are your programming goals for 2017? Do you plan to make some awesome software for commercial use? Work on a kick-butt personal project? Tell us all about it!

My first goal is to get my Apple Certificates to once again be properly recognized so I can continue signing my apps. I may be talking weeks here.

Learn to use another IDE to get a jo (and stop using Xojo) ?

I achieved mine in December - to rid my Apps of plugin dependencies. The only plugins I use now are the Xojo DB plugins.

  • Master the Canvas, I’ve had Eugene Dakin’s book cluttering the desktop for ages now.
  • Brush up on my Ruby skills

Create a program to help with the oilfield called Pressure Transient Analysis. The math is really difficult, and the current programs out there are either incorrect or silly expensive (more than $5,000 USD per year).

When working on the design, I noticed that I am having to re-learn the listbox. Hmm, I might need to write a book on the listbox as I have made personal goals, and one of my life-long goals are to ‘learn something only once’, just because life is too short :slight_smile:

@James Dooley - I hope you enjoy the book :slight_smile:

The only time I ever heard the term “pressure transient” had to do with my time at TCPL working on an expert system to help operators determine what was happening along the lines

That was nearly 15 years ago

[quote=306526:@Eugene Dakin]Create a program to help with the oilfield called Pressure Transient Analysis. The math is really difficult, and the current programs out there are either incorrect or silly expensive (more than $5,000 USD per year).

As you mentioned petrochemicals, any opinions on the DHA (detailed hydrocarbon Analysis) software available commercially? Someone told me they can cost up to 20K!!!

Well as long as you don’t tell everybody how to merge cells across rows and columns! :wink:

For myself I want to get better with SQL and learn more about web technologies … as well as find a worthy new project to help me in my job! … I try to use Xojo to help me work smarter and not harder! (Coding is more fun than doing repetitive tasks for sure!!!

  • Karen

I have used only a few DHA’s and really don’t have a favorite, and your are correct when these programs can easily be upwards of 20k. The most expensive software that I use is Accumap, and is worth about 75 k per year for 1 license and it does have a large amount of information.

This is a great idea Karen, I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Edit: Oops… missed the ‘Don’t’ part… :wink:

Getting my both hands working normally again (no need anymore for somebody else do the typing for me).

After that improving my knowledge and skills in process control programming with Arduino, so that partner and myself can finish our offgrid electrical power generator with zero polution. Also getting my Xojo knowledge to the next level.

Happy 2017 everyone!!!

Notice the nasty new bug BEFORE spending the best part of a day compiling and uploading, updating and mailshotting, rather than AFTER.

Finish something.

[quote=306578:@David Wylie]Finish something.

Agreed there are so many interesting things one could be doing…

For January - I want to finish (barely got started - just set up the PayPal commercial account) implementing PayPal interface routines so I can replace my old eSellerate payment method with a webapp that manages customer accounts and leverages PayPal for payments. If anyone has already mapped out the code for a xojo webapp to interact with PayPal’s API calls that would give me an excellent head start.

I use Instant Payment Notification with a Xojo Web app as listener, which receives notifications from Paypal and deliver instructions for download.


The trick is to have Paypal hit HandleURL or HandleSpecialURL, and to post back using Xojo.Core.HTTPSocket in secure mode, because it supports http 1.1.

Another option would be to use CURL (most samples they show use it), but I don’t know if MBS CURL is able to do http 1.1 required by Paypal.

Rewrite a program I wrote a decade ago since it is so bad I really hate it and am tired of just patching it and it really sucks the way it is so much that I’m ashamed of myself for not rewriting it sooner.

@Dale Arends we all are in the same boat. I have run across apps that I have written in the past and have asked myself if I could just remove my name from it. Good luck on your rewrite of the app.

  • Focus my attention on the Xojo side of the business again.
  • Upgrade my default user interface design template.
  • Learn GIT.
  • Increase my network marketing by 50%. (AKA shake a lot of hands. Hard for this introvert.)
  • Roll out some Drupal projects.

This year I plan to launch 4 new commercial applications I’ve been working on for a while. They were all developed with Xojo.

My goal is to purchase my next Xojo license with revenue generated from license sales of these application.

I have been working on a Latin grammar trainer that gives you random forms to determine. Nouns and adjectives are working fine by now, but verbs are going to be a whole different thing due to so many different (and irregular) forms. The hardest part is to represent the structure of the language in a database (rather than hardcode each and every single form), but I am shure I will get there in the following months.
Right now the project is just for working with at our school, but who know who might be interested, once the application will be finished…