What is a big Xojo project? Please weigh in here

We are talking about the same thing, documenting dependencies that you do in an unusual way, but this talk is off topic, and some people culturally does not like side conversations even when they will learn something from it. Do whatever serves you. :wink:

Yes, I would be very interested in your tool

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I would be interested in forking the source on github if you’re feeling generous and sharing!


just created a GitHub account. We normally use bitbucket, but we use that for internal projects so here it is:


Added the MIT license, so feel free to use it as you like. :sunglasses:


Thank you

Thanks @Daniel_Fritzsche for the neat tool! Here is a screenshot of a quick analysis of my largest project. For context: I started this project back when Xojo was known as RealBasic, back in version 3.5, nearly 20 years ago. Holy cow how time flies!


The largest that I personally wrote was about 750,000 lines of code, 162 Windows with 37 Menus. A full enterprise system. Talking to a MS SQL Server database. About 3,000 individual users of that product.


213 x 3 = 639 not 636 ??? It miss 3 ! :wink:

My projects are smaller, but I have 12. I forgot where is the tool to count the lines of codes.

620.000 Lines of pure Xojo-Code, without empty lines, without the project file generated Lines.
Plus several thousands Lines of code in Javascript, CSS and HTML.

It is a Web 1 Project, with dozens custom made controls.

Only works „performant“ on Mac M1 machines. Loading the Project takes 2-4 minutes. Compiling between 1 and 4 Minutes.

We started to redevelop everything in a more reliable language and with a more modern IDE.

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I’m new to XOJO. This is an interesting question for me because the VB dot NET application I want to migrate is extensive as shown in the clocVB stats.

Welcome George!

Not on topic, but interesting: what language?


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My biggest desktop is 86mb and my biggest web is 16mb. Images not included.