What is a big Xojo project? Please weigh in here

This is mostly for fun.

A couple of responses to a recent question I posted to this forum made me wonder how big of a project Xojo can build. I use Xojo to create applications dedicated to supporting custom hardware devices and only recently have gotten into what might be considered more general application development. But most of you prolific contributors build “real” software products and am I curious about your world.

I’m not really even sure what the metrics are, but how big are your big projects? Maybe number of objects, windows, methods, properties? Other metrics?

It’s my understanding Xojo itself is a Xojo project. I’m sure it’s huge. Would any Xojo employees like to let us know how big?

Like I said, this is mostly for fun. But maybe gives some hint at what the limitations are. If it’s inappropriate this post can be deleted.


As a starter with Xojo I would like to learn what fellow devs achieve with the platform. Good question.

Really THAT BIG :wink:

I’m not sure how I’d quantify that, but I’d call mine a medium sized project. The IDE is definitely the biggest actual project I’ve ever worked on. Projects designed to stress the IDE don’t count.


I’d love to learn a bit more about the Xojo IDE development. It may actually be a prime Xojo showcase.

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My main product has 80 windows, 40 classes, and a few custom controls.
There is 30Mb of source code.
Images and support files are extra.

I dont know how to get a meaningful source code line count, (mainly due to the way Xojo doesnt use simple text files for the code)


Then you might like the Xojo: How It’s Made session at the upcoming Xojo Developer Retreat in September.


There is a script in Arbed to count the code lines.

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I’m pretty sure @Paul_Lefebvre will talk more about this (and other things) as part of his session at the Xojo Developer Retreat 2022 :slight_smile:

it is
a can the ide handle it
b can you handle it

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My biggest current project:

  • 78 Windows
  • 16 Containers
  • 165 Classes
  • 120 Images
  • 2 FileTypes
  • 2 Plists
  • 1 AppleScript
  • 3 MenuBars

Will a video of this be available after the conference?

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@Paul_Lefebvre A few years back back, if I am right there has been a video where the building of the Xojo IDE was depicted. Maybe a session about using command line switches to launch compilation. Does this sounds as bell to you ? If so maybe you could post the URL to this video ? That would let @Torsten_Bernhard and others see for themselves. I quite remember that was quite impressive.

If I save my biggest project in XML format, the XML file has 255 000 lines. However, these are not code lines but the whole XML file.


Arbed says my biggest app (Lightwright) has 457754 code lines.
There are 213 images at three resolutions, for a total of 636 image files.


My latest project is very hard to pin down the size since so much of it is shared Methods, Windows and Resources. It is a set of seven Projects, each around 16 MB with probably a similar amount of external code.

I am testing Xojo to the limit with this project, as I have a XojoScript that builds twenty-five final applications and runs for over 40 minutes! In summary, I think this proves to me that Xojo can handle large projects, or at least a large set of projects. I can have all of my Projects open at once with ease. While v1.0.0 is not yet final or released, it is functional for download at www.BamBamSoftware.com.

The suite of 25 applications comprises:

  1. 11 x Desktop Versions: macOS Universal (App Store), macOS Universal (Web Site), Windows 64-bit Intel (Windows Store), Windows 64-bit Intel (Web Site), Windows 32-bit legacy (Web Site), Windows 64-bit ARM (App Store, not fully compiling), Windows 64-bit ARM (Web Site, not fully compiling), Linux 64-bit Intel (Web Site), Linux 32-bit Intel legacy (Web Site), RaspberryPi 32-bit ARM (Web Site), RaspberryPi 64-bit ARM (Web Site, awaiting Xojo update)
  2. 7 x Web Versions: macOS Universal (Web Site), Windows 64-bit Intel (Web Site), Windows 32-bit legacy (Web Site), Windows 64-bit ARM (Web Site, not fully compiling), Linux 64-bit Intel (Web Site), RaspberryPi 32-bit ARM (Web Site), RaspberryPi 64-bit ARM (Web Site, awaiting Xojo update)
  3. 2 x Mobile Versions: iOS 64-bit (App Store, working but not complete), Android 64-bit (Play Store, not started, waiting Xojo completion)
  4. 5 x Web Services: Windows 64-bit Web version (for demo and customer use, no permanent database), Windows Web App Service to send confirmation emails and build PDF files for customers, Windows Web App Service to provide online Help, Windows Web App Service to let customers pay via PayPal/Database maintenance, Windows Web App Service to provide HTML Editor service to iOS product.

My main project is roughly 1000 project items. The folder containing the project parts is about 2GB. I guesstimate c. half a million lines of code.


What is the purpose of your app and what are the target OSses?

Astronomical observation planning and telescope control (astroplanner.net).
Mac and Windows.


Like most things in Astronomy, this is over my head ! :slight_smile: