What font and font size do you use?

Now that I am setting up Xojo, what is a good font and font size to use for the editor? I have Verdana @ 12 at the moment, but I’m curious to know what you all are using.

Inconsolata 16

I use “Source Code Pro” @ 12pt.

Courier New 18pt

Thom… what/where is “Source Code Pro”

Menlo 13pt.


Comic Sans.

Just kidding, of course. I’d never thought of changing the font, but I’ll have to try some of these out. Tinkering is sometimes more fun than doing actual work. :wink:

Thanks Travis…

I kinda like that font… have to take it for a run and see if it stays “liked” :slight_smile:

I decided to give that a go (realizing I apparently already had the font), and I like how visible everything is, but I admit the monospacing is making me a bit bug-eyed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I cannot stand to program in a NON-monospaced font… perhaps it is the fact I started on old CRT 80x24 terminals :slight_smile:

Menlo 13 pt.

Nu Sans 14, but will check out Source Code Pro now.

Consolas 13pt

Started out on a Teletype model 33. B)

My first microcomputer was a TRS-80 model I – mostly because of the sharp 64 x 16 screen compared to Apple’s very fuzzy 40 x 24 at the time.

Wow, I’m glad I asked. I really like that SourceCode Pro. Now I can easily tell the diff between O and 0. Thanks Thom.

I’ve been using SourceCodePro at 16pt (my eyes are not as young as Thom’s) since it came out last year. It’s a great font. It’s also the font used for all code samples in the new User Guide, QuickStarts and Tutorials.

Panic Sans 14 pt.

Menlo 12 pt.

Same as Thom here.

Consolas 14pt