What font and font size do you use?

Was Consolas 12pt but I will try the Source Code Pro mentioned above - looks just as good.

I’m a bit os a masochist here. I really enjoy using monofur and Ubuntu Mono. Both are as far from “programming” or “terminal” fonts as can be but both manage to give me more pleasure than a couple of monospaced fonts should be.

Monofur, particularly, seems as if it couldn’t last at all, but I’ve had it for three years so far in my terminals and I couldn’t be happier.


Check out the Font Input.
You can customize it to look the way you like it to code best:

  • Font Style: Width, Weight, Line Height / Mono, Serif, Sans
  • Letterforms (a, g, i l, 0, *, {})

I went back to the basics in the 90s and selected Monaco. Font Size 13.

Consolas or Source Code Pro
12, 16 or 18 pt depending on the monitor

The link is not working, I searched and found this link:

I hope that’s the same.

Depending on the computer, Consolas or Source Code Pro 12 pt. varying scale factors depending on the monitor.

Courier (mono spaced).

Some of my favorite code fonts are highlighted in this older blog post:


For my own developement work (Xojo and Xcode) I use Source Code Pro
For deployed applications that require a mono-spaced font (as I don’t know what might be on the end machine)

  • Menlo for macOS
  • Courier for Windows

and of those two, I much prefer Menlo

I telepathically meld with my computer and instruct it what to do. What are these fonts you speak of?

Source Code Pro @ 14pt here.

Consolas 16pt


God, am I the only one to like proportional fonts? I use Lucida Grande 13pt

I thought Consolas and Lucida Grande are similar in that both are “proportional” fonts. I could be wrong, I guess I’ll have to do a double-check.

Consolas is monospaced… Lucida Grande is not, but Lucida Console and Lucida Sans Typewriter both are

Default system fonts are what I intentionally try and program, run, troubleshoot, and remote-in on other computers. It was many years ago that I had issues with trying to get fonts to look correct, had only partial functionality (like didn’t have a strike-through option) , and some specialized fonts would need special administrative privileges to install, etc.

To make it easier to program and size text boxes, and other controls then the default font always seemed to work.

If I had a choice Courier or Times New Roman 12 was usually installed on most operating systems and was easy to read. :slight_smile:

Cheers Dave. I tried to create a comparison chart and post it here to show the difference. Unfortunately I don’t have the font Lucida Grande (for Windows). So that idea is now pointless. However, I agree and have confirmed that Consolas and Lucida Consol are monospaced.

I tried to download “Grande” but too many difficulties and it didn’t install. Perhaps licensing issues. The last Mac OS I used, I know it was there.