What can't be done in Xojo

It was just a comment based on How to keep Greyscale “Color Space”

In all those years, and in spite of my passion for thinking out of the box and workarounds, I did encounter limits., if we are talking about the language itself, not necessarily declares, plugins and other artifices using in fact other languages.

For instance dropping files over a web app instead of using the uploader last year. In spite of good measures of JavaScript (which is not Xojo, mind you), I could not quite get there. From what I understand, Geoff promised that feature at XDC ; I did not quite get if that will be available in 2015R3 but it is coming.

Most recently is that post about being able to scroll a view in iOS. Yes, there maybe some alchemist recipe using declares or brilliant plugins from DeThomSoft, but fact is, to this day, Xojo iOS is unable to achieve one of the most basic features in computing. Here again, it seems Xojo plans on adding that feature soon.

There are also the limitations of the language for certain things. Yesterday it appeared that the Currency type, described in the LR as "This is a 64-bit fixed-point number format that holds 15 digits to the left of the decimal point and 4 digits to the right. " is in fact, in the words of Norman Palardy :

So in effect, fifteen digits, but on the condition that it does not exceed that number. My own test have shown that in practice, that type is not reliable beyond 11 digits to the left if they are nines. It may suffice to represent the US National debt in Dollars, it is certainly insufficient for lesser currencies like Yen or African Franc. One thing is for sure, an accountant will never accept that all the sudden hundreds of cents take a life of their own when calculating tax. Xojo needs a more serious type for financial applications. Norman suggests BCD and this seems like the way to. Unlike the two previous issues, this one does not seem to be in Santas’s bag for soon. Unfortunate.

I do love Xojo. but who loves well, chastises well…

+1 I Think this is the correct answer. You have to look at it in ‘pure’ Xojo. In the day, similar questions were raised on VB6. As hardcore VB6 programmers anwered ‘Yes’, then they meant using workarounds like declares, C++ DLLs and inline ASM, not pure VB6.

For most everyday tasks pure Xojo is more than capable to use. The only thing I encounter in my (not everyday) experiments like Augmented Reality, advanced game and graphic manipulation techniques etc is that speed is not great in pure Xojo compared to other languages.

If we consider speed to be a contributor in the limitations of Xojo, does this mean that if we ran Xojo on the worlds fastest computer capable of processing Xojo, would this remove all of Xojo’s limitations? I think that Michels answer is probably more the case. Xojo is probably more hamstrung by its number crunching capabilities than the sum of its features.

There go my grand plans for a killer app to sell to the Greek government… :slight_smile:

Sure, this is what I mean. It’s nice to have all those features available at your finger tips. But for some tasks where pure number crunching is critical, you’re better of with another tool. Running it on your hypothetical super computer could produce sufficient speed for the task, but the other languages would then also be faster on this super computer, hence that is the tool you want. Use the right tool for the right task.

[quote=196670:@Jeff Tullin]Damn.
There go my grand plans for a killer app to sell to the Greek government…[/quote]
Make sure you make out the invoice in Drachmas not € .

About speed:
The good news is Xojo 2015r3 will use the LLVM compiler for compiling to 64bit. I cannot go into details about the current Alpha version but I can tell you math calc code are much faster. So Xojo 2015r3 will benefit from speed bumps for some code.

[quote=196670:@Jeff Tullin]Damn.
There go my grand plans for a killer app to sell to the Greek government… :)[/quote]

If they ever exit the Euro zone, you may need Bob Delaney’s Decimal Plugin whose size is only limited by available memory. Not sure it is enough for Zimbabwe, though…

Indeed good news! Really looking forward to see what this will be able to do

If they did they could do an Argentina and default on repayments without repercussions. This would soon be followed by Spain, Italy and every other broke country in the Eurozone. They will do everything to prevent Greece getting out. Keep in mind that Greece has been around a long time, so they know a thing or two about survival.

Wow, do we know how to go off in tangents or what!!

That is called culture :wink:

I will comment on that one the day I will upgrade my license.

This was waiting for so long…

While reading the previous answers, I recall one thing that Xojo is unable to do:

< 3.5MB applications (on OS X).

oh well when talking about speed and executable filesize one basic dialect is still unreachable till today: Power-BASIC… I loved it… filesize for Win32 Hello World EXE: Something around 15 KB!

Tomas,Didn’t you know that it was against forum rules to comment on nostalgic computing issues as it creates threads 10,000 comments long.

I remember the days when …

Yeah, I remember the days when I first started writing assembler and all the screen produced was a string of dots. One too many JPNZ’s

I remember the day when I wanted to start leanint Lightspeed C and reading in the news it was discontinued…