What can't be done in Xojo

After spending a few hours trolling through the questions and answers on this forum, the thought occurred to me. What can’t Xojo do? This is not so much praise for the product, but appreciation for a pretty rounded language. So back to my question; What is it that Xojo cannot do?
Unacceptable answers include;
Make coffee.
Wash cars.
Do a cut and paste on the first right click.

To date everything I have set out to achieve I have been able to with Xojo. And along the way I’ve learnt heaps.

What I would like Xojo to do that it doesn’t yet is build Android apps. I know that is a huge step because Xojo builds native apps for platforms & that’s not the space that Android sits in.

Im on the same page as you Wayne. I just hope I don’t spend the rest of my life in Alpha version construction.

The limits are not XOJO… the limits are your imagination.

Agreed, but I was referring to my own limitations in a self-depreciating way.

Caution, this is going philosophical: Everything and nothing…

[quote=196604:@chris benton]Make coffee.
Wash cars.[/quote]
Both of these are quite doable. Just need to build the hardware to go with it.

I believe the question is flawed, hence the answers.
Better question would be “can I do ?”

Assembly via PEEK and POKE.

Old school BASIC

quod erat demonstrandum (Q.E.D.) :smiley:

a) I loved it
b) it is a valid answer to the question
c) I’m not that old school…

[quote=196630:@Eli Ott]a) I loved it
b) it is a valid answer to the question
c) I’m not that old school…[/quote]

I’m not sure this is not possible, but if it’s not, I believe it’s not because of Xojo.

The domain of what xojo can accomplish is larger than the domain of what xojo is well suited to. Sometimes you have to put the hammer down and pick up a different tool.

That said, the domain of what xojo is well suited to is quite large indeed.


However, since the teleportation record was broken not too long ago, Xojo might be able to do even that sometime in the future.

Android is technically a different approach but business-wise it’s a MUST !

The ESP plug-in is still waiting its release…

More seriously, I think Xojo have tons of holes, unfinished features, missing OS functions, etc.

Of course, if you have a CS degree, you are able to work-around all of these.

It’s advantages ?
(basic) XPlatform
Easy to use (basic stuff and once you understand how things have to be done / where to put code).

As an example, doing an image resize application can be done in (far) less than one hour, XPlatform.

In RGB color space, only. So the feature set is quit limited here.

It might be better to say, what is it you want to do? There are some things that simply cannot be done in Xojo.

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