webMapViewer problems

The core problem remains the same: too many bugs and not enough heads to fix them. The Xojo people can archive as many issues as they want. There are too many bugs.

I’d rather throw money at problems.

Please subscribe to the Feedback Case and add it to your Top Cases, if possible. We won’t be able to fix it by 2022r1, but it will be fixed for sure.


Do you have any Feedback Case link for the documentation issues? I would like to add a note so they can be reviewed together.

Thank you.


I think , for the time being,

  1. Would consider to use Anthony’s plugin while waiting for
  2. Xojo to fix the WebMapViewer ( at least make sure the ability’s to show pin / user defined pin ) on the desired location. ( hopefully in the release after 2022R1)

Xojo improves base functionality and the framework and fix other bugs, the details and deep expansion could be provided by plugins provider. Win-win for all.

case subscribed
documentation issue , non-existent method (mapviever1.update)

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hi does anyone know if this bug has been fixed? I have not seen mention in the releases …

Case #61706 is not marked (label) fixed.


è solo dalla prima release di xojo dopo la 2019 che c’è questo problema oltre ad altre decine di problemi irrisolti :joy::grinning:

e va be’ , ormai mi paiono orientati a fare annunci su annunci , a consigliare plugin di terzi ed ad alzare il costo delle licenze :joy: