webMapViewer problems

the webMapViewer control does not show the icons (pins) of the added webMapLocations.

Yup. I cant find a way to make it work either.

hasn’t worked since the 2019 release

Is there any other workable replacement / plugins?

i think no

I think this is the feedback case:
61706 - WebMapLocation does not show location pin when calling Add Location in 2020r1


I’ve put some points there. Its now ranked 101st. Lets put some more points and make the case more visible. This bug prevents some of my team’s product to be deployed.

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@Ricardo_Cruz , any chance this will be fixed in Xojo 2022 R1?
Appreciate it much if that could happen.

Check out @Anthony_G_Cyphers Graffitisuite twitter post. I’m excited about this. Any timeline on a release Anthony? Of course as soon as you release, we’ll be asking for directions to be implemented too;)

No timeline. There’s still a lot left to do for what I consider basic maps support.

I do have basic directions implemented as a function:
Public Sub DirectionsShow(origin as String, destination as String, travelMode as TravelModes)

But more advanced things like waypoints will probably be pushed to another release down the road.



There are also a lot more properties and events than the built-in MapViewer, and I’m not feature complete:


Great Anthony! A timeline for the release of the plugin would be great for my team to do our planning.

Sorry @Hanif_Saad, I’m afraid it won’t be possible for this release.

I don’t give hard release dates. Anything unexpected can derail those plans, and I’ve had it happen before.

Just to provide an update, this product is now feature complete for the first release and is in testing. Refer to this twitter thread if you wish to get an overview and see the progress and features.

the solution Is ?
not fix xolo’s component but buy another product ?

I’m sure Xojo will fix the issues with the built-in component, but if you want more power or quicker resolution for mapping in your project, there is an alternative.

I only posted here because others mentioned it earlier, but I won’t discuss my offerings further in this thread.

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I think its perfectly okay to discuss alternative solutions when the built in stuff does not work as it should, then everyone know there is an alternative, and can decide for them selves wich path to take forward.

Thanks Anthony. Im sure its fine for you to offer your solutions here as well. Looks like i would have to renew my lapsed Graffiti Web Suite license. :grinning:

Anthony , your work is precious and graffity suite is an exceptional product, but I can only point out that this bug persists in xojo from the 2019 release and has not been corrected, furthermore the new documentation does not report the problems of these components (WebMapViewver and WebMapLocation) and even reports methods that don’t even exist. That there are alternatives to fix is ​​fine, but the alternatives should be to improve the product, not to fix bugs neglected by years and years of updates.