Web Tab Key

Just started playing around with Web 2.0.

I have a page that contains a container control.
The container control contains two labels and two text fields.

Tab key appears not to work.

Have I missed something?

There’s some relevant discussion here:

i start playing with web2 and has 3 textfield. the first 2 is to put integer in and the last one to calculate when i press on a button.

after i enter the first textfield and try to tab to the second textfield but it does not do anything

me too… same problem. i have to use the mouse

Did you duplicate the TextFields or used a new one each time?

If you drag TextField1 to WebPage1 and then duplicate the TextField1 to create a TextField2 then the Tab doesn’t work. You can make it work by going to View - Tab Order, rearrange the controls and confirm the changes.

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ahhh… that is why it does not tab at all… i duplicate the controls

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