Web 2.0, Tab to next field

Are you telling me the only way to get to next field when filling in a web page is with a MOUSE.

How could this be release like this, using the Tab key to get to next field is not an unnecessary function!


You’re telling me…

I’ve found disabling the tab engine is the way to go:

Session.AllowTabOrderWrap = False
//Above doesn't work for now so do this instead:
ExecuteJavascript("XojoWeb.TabEngine.currentTabEngine = function(x){};")
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Where does this go, Session.Opening?

Session.Opening is where I put it but it works later of course too

It doesn’t follow tab order. How could they release this in this state?

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On your layout, have you clicked either of the tab order tools to make sure the controls are in the order you think?

The only tab order issue we are aware of at the moment has to do with containers added at runtime.

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If you drag 3 Web Text fields to your project, then Tab works.
If you drag 1 Web Text field to your project, then duplicate the control 2 times, the Tab doesn’t work.

To fix the problem, you need to go to Tab Order menu, move things around and set the way you want.


Yes I have. I have 2 WebRectangle at bottom of page that hold promary and secondary fields. The focus jumps to one of those then out of rec then back.!

There is another WebRectangle under the one shown.

So is this a bug?

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I also found that setfocus doesn’t work. I have a Checkbox that when checked sets focus on a WebTextField.

The line is: txtSteeleDonations.SetFocus

In the ide when I hover over txtSteeleDonations it shows it as a WenContainer not a WebTextField???

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Bug # 62221 is likely related

I was having trouble with this also. I solved it by putting all the controls I wanted to tab to at the top of the list when setting the tab order and all the labels at the bottom. Stumbled on this when tabs worked on one page, but none of the others.

It appears to have something to do with how you create the actual text field or control on the page. If you drag it out, it might be OK, but if you duplicate an existing field, I think it loses its way.

this is what for many years… move all the labels at the bottom of the tab order screen