Changing fields in a Web Dialog

Pressing tab in a web dialog does not change to the next field or object. Pushing it in the first textbox does nothing. Pushing tab after I’ve clicked on the second textbox takes me to the first textbox.

Can anyone help?

What I’ve tried

I’ve tried manually setting the tabindex, which seems to do less than nothing (Other than adding a few parts of a millisecond, I guess.).

I’ve looked for settings affecting this, but cannot find any.

I’ve screamed “Why the heck are you not working” more often than I can remember.

I’ve sacrificed a life to Geoff Perlman and Dana Brown (it was a spider, and it was mostly because I think it bit me, but cannot be sure). I have many more spiders I can sacrifice to the rest of the team if it will help. Heck, I’ll sacrifice them even if it won’t help.

This may help with the problem.

@AlbertoD, thank you very much!

That did, in fact, solve the problem.

I hope you have an enjoyable day further,


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