Web app disconnects on mobile

My Web app requires an authorisation code sent to an email address when you connect via a new Web browser. On a desktop this is fine, but on iOS Safari the Session is instantly closed.

So I created a test app and just jumping to Home for a few seconds then back, or jumping to the email then straight back, has the same result. I am not closing Safari or leaving the app in the background for more than ten seconds at most. The error ‘Lost connection’ message might take a few seconds to appear.

This seems to have been an issue 5-10 years ago, and suggestions were made that it could be lessened via client-side JavaScript WebTimers, but later posts imply Xojo resolved this problem.

Is this issue resolved? If not, how can a user retrieve some external data (eg emailed code) then jump back to their Web App?

Xojo Issues suggest it was fixed 6 years ago





The next release (2022r2) includes connectivity improvements. If the session still exists, the browser will reconnect transparently, otherwise it will reload, if necessary (i.e. the server has been restarted, or you’ve been away for too long)

I’ve tried this on iPhone and, at least for the use case you’ve mentioned, it should work just fine. Please test it as soon as the testing phase begins and let me know.


Don’t know if this is related:
In the last two weeks I got this message several times in several apps (all from the App Store), while connecting to servers in Switzerland. iPhone and iPad all run the latest and greatest iOS version.

Que bueno @Ricardo_Cruz es un arreglo que se viene pidiendo hace tiempo, estaremos atento a la nueva versión!.

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