iPhone forcing refresh?

I have a customer who is using a Xojo Cloud app of mine on her phone. She says if she switches from her browser to text messaging to answer a text, when she returns to the browser, the app has exited and forces her to start over and log back in.

It sounds likes her browser is forcing a refresh whenever she returns to it, forcing the application to relaunch or something.

I can’t get it to occur and wondered if anybody knew of a phone setting that might cause that.

Any thoughts?

I’m not sure if the iPhone has a setting for this but someone else might chime in.

If it helps, I just tried it with my iPad and my app doesn’t appear to do a refresh.

Mine either. I’m thinking it’s a setting or something specific to her phone that is doing it because I can’t replicate it.

Could be a number of things. What type of phone is it? What OS? It’s possible that her phone is running out of resources and is closing background apps and connections.

iPhone 6. I’ll have to get the OS from her. It apparently occurs to other phones as well (https://forums.imore.com/ios-8/302019-safari-stop-reloading-my-pages.html )

One recommended fix was to turn off Background loading of tabs, but that was already turned off on her phone.

Another was to clear the website and browser history which I asked her to do. I may work with her on resource usage and see how her available memory is and how many apps she’s running simultaneously.

The problem is that Safari Mobile gets paused when it’s in the background and the web app gets “disconnected” from the server. Our apps require a somewhat continuous connection to the server to work properly. If it’s long enough, the only thing that can be done is a refresh to reconnect to the app.

Do you think a different iPhone browser would eliminate the problem? Like Chrome or Firefox for the iPhone?

Or, is there a ‘timeout’ setting I can alter to increase the amount of time before the app disconnects?

Although the OP states the user has it happen with even a brief pause such as viewing a text message. So my vote is with Gavin, and this particular phone is low enough on memory / resources that iOS is purging loaded apps.

Of course, the user’s definition of ‘immediately logs out’ could be a little sketchy as well.

What would you expect a normal timeout/refresh to be if the server lost communication with the user’s browser? That may help me determine if it is a routine disconnect or her phone purging the applications.

See settings of the iphone to allow background activity for safari

There is an Open Tabs in Background setting that I had her check in the Safari Settings. From some of the posts I read, I thought that would fix it, but hers was already turned off.

That won’t be relevant. That’s nothing to do with running in the background, it simply opens tabs behind the current one.