Video Editing Software for PC (free?)

Hello Everyone,

I am going to make videos’ of examples from my books. What is a good video editing software (preferably free) that can be used on Windows 10? I’ll likely be starting with example for the Raspberry Pi to start.

The main option of the video software would be to combine two videos into one video. An example for two videos, 1) video the screen of the Raspberry Pi while 2) having a video of the electronics (example a spinning motor) also shown on the same screen.

Edit: I have some work to do, and will be online in a few hours later today.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Maybe have a look at OBS OBS

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Another option is VSDC Video Editor. I’ve used it for simple things but its capabilities are way beyond my needs.

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Blackmagicdesign have a free version of DaVinci Resolve.
Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux


OBS for recording the desktop then HitFilm Express for editing.


Thanks for the great suggestions everyone. I’ll try them all out :slight_smile:

Warm regards…

You know Windows 10 has a built in video editor…

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Nope… I didn’t know that. Windows 10 has lots of cool stuff in it. Thanks, and I’ll look into it some more :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s up to what you need but my son uses it for his videos. He is only 10 though :joy:

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… so much more up on it than his old man :wink:


Interestingly it is called “Photos”


Blender is Open Source. There are good tutorial videos on Youtube.

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some are cheap at steam offer.
Magix Video Deluxe Plus (2019 Plus today ≈ 20€ at steam) / VEGAS Movie Studio.
you can get trial version here

Movavi Video Suite (Suite 17 today ≈ 5€ at steam)

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These are great suggestions everyone. Thanks!

Here is a video for the stepper motor from the Raspberry Pi 4 B book. This is a test to see if the link works.

This video was created with my Pixel 4 phone, OBS, and Hitfilm Express.

Raspberry Pi 4 B Xojo Example 24-7 Stepper Motor on Instagram


the link works perfectly.

Thanks for letting me know it works Louis. Much appreciated.

Video looks good! :partying_face:

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Thanks for the feedback Brian. HitFilm has many good options for editing the film (as Julian kindly mentioned). The video could be much longer and this seemed to be a comfortable length.

It took about 5 hours for me to create this small video. I respect @Bob_Keeney for all of the work that he did with his videos.

It gets easier the more videos you do. Things that really annoy you in post production you learn to not do during recording. I spent almost two years in Toastmasters to stop using filler words. I’m sure there’s a marked difference from the first videos I did to the last ones I did a year or so ago.

Also, now you understand why I’m not redoing my 65+ hours of training video.

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