Video Editing Software for PC (free?)

I’ve used Davinci Resolve but there is something called ‘Shotcut’ out there that’s also free.

Nobody else mentioned it and it definitely deserves to be on this list as it’s very well known and widely used.


Howdy, y’all. Newest New Guy here (or FNG as you military types might say). I just thought I’d test my Forum posting powers by offering my free advice to this topic (and worth every penny of it, too).

I’ve had good luck with EzVid. I’m an inventor as well as software hack, so it comes in handy once in a while. It’s free. Realize too, that as you go along you may find that any one app kinds runs out of gas in a particular area. Say, maybe the video editor can’t really bend the notes like you’d want. So, go to an audio editor, like Audacity or a dozen other good but different, free ones. Then you can lay in your more customized audio tracks onto the video.

And that, my new friends, is the full extent of my knowledge of video and audio editing, except to say that it is amazing what the average person can do with these things if you just take time to piddle with them and figure out their particular mojo.

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The post you quoted also doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Sweet that means I can delete mine!
Thanks for the notification that it’d been handled :slight_smile:

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Bob - while I appreciate API2 has many changes it would still, in my opinion, be of value to the Xojo user base to offer the video training ‘as-is’. You could add a caveat etc - seems such a shame to leave it all behind.

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