Upgrade Price (Desktop to Pro) ?

From Desktop to Pro: $699, the price of a brand new license?

I must be dreaming (or did I misread?)

Did you press the “Upgrade to Pro” button?
Otherwise you could send an email to Xojo: hello@xojo.com

I guess his old license has expired, so there is no remaing value on it (for Xojo Inc).

In which case “Yes, don’t upgrade but just buy a new license. Same price and you can give your old license to someone else.”

No, @Markus Winter is correct.

If your licenses is expired, you can still check your upgrade price here. Markus is mistaken, there is a discount for expired licenses. Contact us at hello@xojo.com at any time with questions about your license!

That is weird, when xojo start this model of “one year subscription”, I make the same question and Xojo answer me what Markus Winter Said

Yes, I do that.

Hi Dana,

That is what I’ve done. 34.95€ is the discount. 2%

So, Marcus is correct.

Hello Dana, how high is the Discount from Desktop to Pro Upgrade if the Desktop License are expired?

$35 if I am right. That was my question.

My first license, for REALbasic 1.0, in 1998 was $99.

It was 20 years ago …” (not today, but in June I think.) !

As mentioned a couple of times before, send an email to hello@xojo.com and they will help you with the correct price for the upgrade.

You need to do the upgrade calculator I linked to calculate the price for your specific licenses. We calculate the upgrade by discounting a new license by the daily value remaining in your upgraded licenses. We do give credit for expired licenses though.

Emile, according to our records we have two paid orders from you - one for your $99 license in 1998 and 1 for a renewal of that license in 2013. The upgrade discount you are receiving is just a credit for your expired license. If you have any specific questions or want to discuss further, please contact hello@xojo.com.

confused… I was curious, so I checked… I have an expired license (2017) yet it shows no “discount” for desktop renewal or upgrade… and my license had been fully maintained from 2006-2017…

oh, and once you check “Pro”, you can’t change the selection back to “desktop”

If you have time, wait for Black Friday…

At first I apologize, as my native language is not English, so my thoughts may be not clearly understandable as I don’t understand that behavior suggested by Paul Sondervan and I never will. Why I must connect with somebody to get correct upgrade/update price? Why there are not clearly displayed upgrade prices? For me – yes, I’m stupid – it tells that Xojo fellows don’t care about their valued customers. So easy it is. Yes – maybe I’m child who tells truth that king is naked, but somebody mast tell about things as they are.

Xojo – you have almost very good selling and promoting strategy, but this strategy does not value old loyal customers. Yes – first buy price is reasonable, but sell for returning customers with same price again and again – it is – I have no such bad words, you know. Instead making conferences which is like party in plague time and intend again only for getting more money from old good customers, please make from Xojo at least good multiplatform successor for Access. Now in Xojo there are dataobjects and reports, but they are joke and you know it yourself. If be honest, then Xojo now is pretty toy. Overpriced toy. At least nail about every 5 years one version of Xojo to wall and rename it for example “Long time developer version XXXX.RR”. And then you can make new versions, but also please repair bugs from that “Long time version”. Unfortunately if you make always new versions, then something can be broke and did not work as intended, as happened to me. I want to use newest version, because textarea in Xojo 2014r3.2 is buggy, but I can’t, as 2018r2 MySQL plugin gives me unknown SSL error when I connect to MariaDB irrespective of circumstance that I don’t use and don’t need SSL. I read about that error from forum and replaced that MySQL plugin to plugin from Xojo version 2015r1. Yes – it helped for that project, but another project with works in two places and connects to same database server, but different databases with same structure, one behaves so strangely with 2015r1 plugin, so is not usable. So beware about using 2015r1 MySQL plugin in newer Xojos. I have wrote same programs with Xojo and one made with Xojo 2014r3.2 is responsible for collecting data and making invoices based to that data approximately to 5 thousand families every month. So you can imagine what I must think and feel when I run across those bad circumstances.

Please make Xojo serious tool, as you have been planned at beginning. No need to run fancy ipad amok before all other thing works as intended. And by pricing, why not take for update ¼ from full price by elapse first year. If there elapses two years without updating, then half price, if elapses three years, then ¾ from full prices and if you haven’t updated within four years, then you must pay full price again. It would be more user and customer friendly instead of paying full price every year for buggy and full of surprises versions.

Best advertise is yours customer’s good words about Xojo. Not for you, but for other people. Mouth to mouth advertising is best magnet for new customers. No one conference can’t do that. And if you make from Xojo solid working tool for using databases and collecting, processing and displaying data they consist, you will be swim in money soon…

Thanks for your feedback. We absolutely care about our customers, we all come to work every day to make a better product for you. Xojo is not like other companies, we are here in the forum listening, answering questions - we are always accessible on email or forum private message. It’s 6AM here on a Saturday and I really wanted to answer your post. :slight_smile:

Having said that, this thread is about upgrade pricing, not “update” or renewal pricing - that is clearly posted in our store. The original question was about upgrading from Desktop to Pro. To upgrade (or change versions) we have to calculate special pricing, because we do want our users to have a discount. Just paying the cost difference between the two versions is not fair to some people who might want to apply more than one key to the upgrade.

Licenses that are set to auto renew receive a 10% discount.

I couldn’t agree more. This is definitely the strongest form of marketing for us, and for a lot of our users too, in fact.

I could send you some if you want :wink:

Im with you on that one, but not gonna happen

I predicted that when they introduced the Rapid Release Model. Wasnt a difficult prediction to make

The plugin structure changed at some point, so using the old plugin might be a really bad idea

Interesting approach. If you are going to upgrade within the next four years then you might just as well keep your license up-to-date though it does allow you when money is tight to opt out and get back in without a financial penalty to Xojo (as if you stop for a year it is now a half-price upgrade vs two quarter-price upgrades if you keep your license going).

I like it.

No, your records are wrong, but this is not important (for me).
I have one upgrade from your (long time) French distributor, but not only.
I do not set records of that, but I think I have upgraded version 1 to 2, 3, 4, 5, 2005, another for Carbon (but the Carbon release comes once that license expired *), then probably the current one, from 2013). Not 100% sure. In the list, I had a Pro license (somewhere).

  • I think it was from there that I started to skip some releases.

Also, this was a simple question, I do not know if / when I will renew. So, I will wait until then.

Thank you.