I am very bored and uninterested in what I’m doing.
Anyone fancy a pint?

Pepsi? or RootBeer?

No, but I’ll have a glass of Ovaltine!

I’m still waiting for people to chat on Jabber with me - for times when I am stressed and bored :slight_smile:

[quote=110161:@David Wylie]I am very bored and uninterested in what I’m doing.
Anyone fancy a pint?[/quote]
What are you doing?

And yes.

Narcotic to be used to subdue the will of children. Symptoms of Ovaltine poisoning:
A)Children travel in packs like wild predators, taking down their game (other children) by striking at the neck and back. Only the most vigorous of them is spared and brought as an offering to their parents house, where the other children are rewarded with a fresh suck at the Ovaltine teat.
B)Children chant mindlessly the mysterious phrase “MORE OVALTINE, PLEASE,” over and over. (Short documentary footage of this phenomenom is played periodically on television and radio)
C)The stool of the Ovaltine addicted child is extremely hard and jagged, and can be harvested and used for deep sea drilling. Rachel Ray uses one to chop her veggies.

I think Dave has finally lost it :slight_smile:

More Ovaltine Please!

and forget the milk … just give me a rolled up bill or straw :slight_smile:

I have not seen those commercial for MANY years!

  • Karen


Nestles makes the very best…


and Kix are for Trids

Somebody play some whale music to Dave - he’s in desperate need :slight_smile:

Oh I wish I was an Oscar Myner Wiener

That is what I truly want to be!

For if I was an Oscar Myner Wiener

Everyone would be in love with ME!!!

Hot dogs, Armour hot dogs
what kind of kids eat Arour hot dogs?
Fat kids, skinny kids,
kids that climb on rocks
tough kids, sissy kids
even kids with chicken pox
love hot dogs, Armour hot dogs
the dogs kids love to bite

ok… I’m gonna go off and have a Snickers… LOL!

When did “Nessles” become “Ness-lay”?

Years ago!

I think Dave’s got his snickers in a twist :slight_smile:

Knickers… Snickers… yeah not so different

Are any of these references getting lost on you Brits? :slight_smile:

Never heard of NESSLES,… it has been NESTLES since 1866