Ukrainian Xojo developer could use a little help

Many of you know Kyryl Pekarov. He is a solid Xojo developer form the Ukraine. He has been quiet on this forum since the war broke out in Ukraine.

He and his family have had to walk away from his home and farm. His family are currently refugees in Poland. He has visa to emigrate into Canada.

They have been awaiting a long time for a refugee support group to give them airline tickets. Enough is enough.

Help us help him:


sorry but why does he leaver europe ? he has working plans in canada ? choice ? in europe there could be many places to go and needs for such profile.
i see he is from Kherson … :sob:
just had news from devops i work with, still in Zaporozye they weren’t invaded.

This looks like a scam. I have no way of knowing if this is legit.

not a scam i guess he exists

I too can make a linked in account

or use a random profile

he is on this forum

little decency before calling “scam” please


No point getting upset.

  1. Users on this forum have no way of knowing this is true.
  2. I go to Reddit or similar for political discussions.
  3. I support Mother Russia. :ru: :ru: :ru:

That supposed snip (2nd one) of his chat looks like it was made in word. Seems dodgy to me. If Kyryl was posting this then it would be a different story

This is not a scam. Both Kyryl and Jay have been respected members of this community for a very long time. If you don’t believe this is sincere or have no wish to help Kyryl, that’s fine, don’t donate. No need for accusations or conspiracy theories.


Mr. Pekarov paid for MBS Plugins in past years.
So he is a known Xojo developer for me.


And I sent $200 to this collection.


I’m not a scam!
I’m working with Xojo starting RB 5.5 (worked in Paradigma Software with Ruslan)

Thank you very much for all supporters and Jay for managing it!


@Kyryl_Pekarov, Please don’t be frustrated by people’s scepticism. There are a lot of scams, exploiting people’s willingness to help Ukrainians. This is unfortunate as it impedes those who actually need support. I contributed $100 to the collection.
Wishing you and your family all the best!


Mate how many members in your family ? How exp can it be ?

@Geoff_Perlman cant be that expensive?

Think of the press - dev company saves refugees

(Im being liberal with stuff here :grinning:)

1 USD = 29.5 UAH

As you will be traveling during summer peak time, prices are really high, especially on a one-way ticket.

I see on Google flights the first leg of that trip is on Wizz air. That airline has (or had) a discount for Ukrainian refugees. Might be worth contacting them to see if the discount still applies.

From Keflavik, you could get a flight on Air Canada through Contact Us - Miles4Migrants

Hope this helps.

Is it some kind of humor? Not I think Russia is 100% fault, but I think this place is for help someone. All we need to know is that he didn’t make a crime and don’t ask help to hiding from the police. I’m not sure we have to care if his problems are because of war, terrorism, religion, or illness. And if we care we don’t give.
Note: I don’t give because I’m in job trouble for a while.


In Germany, you may get free train tickets, so maybe it’s cheaper to take trains westwards and skip maybe the first connection?

Also booking round trip and missing your return flight may be an option.


Definitely a good idea. It is $80 more expensive for a round trip but the trip will only be 17 hours instead of 42 hours. Meaning you actually save money on less time spent in airports.
After arriving in Canada, cancel your return flight and get money back for taxes and airport fees.