Tracker and voting for bugs

With Feedback we could vote for the bugs that are important to us. Pro and Pro Plus users votes had more weight than the general user.

How is “what our users want” figured into the new tracker?

Click the thumbs up button on an item to vote for it.

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Previously, Pro and Pro Plus users had vote multipliers. Do you know how we leverage those now?

To clarify, point multipliers were never included in Pro Plus.

Point multipliers have not been a feature of Pro for several years as well.

If you find a case that affects you please add a thumbs up.

Interesting. I was told otherwise. Perhaps I misunderstood what was said.

Even with a Desktop license I had more points than with the Lite version.

As a pro user, in the feedback app you got to select 5 cases as your favourites which were assigned 75, 60, 45, 30 and 15 points respectively. This allowed you to push a case further up the ranking and hopefully get it given more attention for fixes/implementation. I think this is what @Jay_Menna means by point multipliers.

I can’t see similar functionality in “issues” so I assume pro users no longer get this benefit in the new system?

I think all users that these favourites, again with the points you describe.

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