Throwing a Date in IDE via Editing a value?

Desktop Mac.

I thought if could edit a value in the IDE, I could throw a date, but apparently not. How do I do this?
StDte is a DateTime property.
If ts.IsEmpty = False Then StDte = DateTime.FromString(ts)
catch …

If I edit the value of the string from an SQLDateTime value to anything, it doesn’t throw an error. I this something that doesn’t work or do I do it differently?

Hi Arthur. I made the following function in a module:

Public Function ToDateTime(extends s as String) as DateTime
  if s.IsEmpty = False then
    Return DateTime.FromString( s )
  end if
End Function

I then called it like this:

var dString as String = "Asdfas" //"2010-10-01 01:22:55"
var d as DateTime = dString.ToDateTime

When dString contains invalid data, at least in my testing, a RuntimeException is thrown in 2020r1.2:

Sorry. I thought I was being clear by the word edit. When you debug, you can see the value, but you also have the opportunity to edit the value before it is used.
I thought by changing the value before it is used would result in an error.
I edited the value for a string before it was converted to a date, but it didn’t throw an error.
To prove it would throw I went and edited the text to be read in and it threw an error.

This Edit is part of the Watch window.

Editing String for conversion to Date in watch has no effect

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