What is the purpose of Edit in the Watch section of the Debugger

What is the purpose of Edit in the Watch section of the Debugger?
If I am in the debugger and I am watching a particular property, I can find out a lot of information about the property. I can also edit it.
The reason I am asking is because I posted yesterday about this in Getting Started and haven’t gotten a response that told me I either used the correct words or maybe nobody uses it.
It may be I didn’t include “watch”
This is a link to the discussion.

I use it to test different values, or to fix a value that is wrong - but I don’t want to stop the run just to fix it. If all is going well, but occasionally fails, using Edit to change the value to something unexpected can be a way to see if your code handles it. Or if you have a method that does things to strings, it can sometimes be easier to change them “live” than it is to put the values into code before running.

Thank you. I tried it once and found a bug. Then I tried editing a date value and nothing happened where it should have produced an error.

I guess I’m posting because I dislike filing bug reports.

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