The secret to have a quick answer on this forum!

works with all dev forums

  1. The real secret is just making a good and detailed question instead of things like “my app is crashing, why?”

  2. This joke is listed in the wrong category, General is about programming discussions, jokes are listed on Off-topic.

  3. We have a thread where we pile them, that’s a cultural thing here:




sorry was not intended to describe this forum

plus i can say personnaly that people here help a lot, more than other places, thanks to them !

i saw this on couple of tech groups on fb, thought i made a joke of it here replacing xojo and posted in general instead of humor in which i already posted dozens.

Plus it’s not really humour actually and she made me realise in many forum it’s true, it was redit orginaly, truely more of a jungle area you have to survive.

but why so many fb groups posted it, we have to realise that she has a point.

plus I think she’s wrong, people love helping people especially in the tech industry, because we all understand the PAIN of being stuck.
so, is the love to help greater that the love to correct ? :slight_smile:


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Conversely, the secret to having no one answer your questions ever again on the Xojo forum is to tell others that you are logging in as another user and giving an insanely incorrect answer just to goad people into giving you a better one. Just sayin’

It’s a good way to get outright ignored too.


crazy there is already a theory about it !

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 15.25.10’s_Law#:~:text=Cunningham’s%20Law%20states%20"the%20best,the%20inventor%20of%20wiki%20software

while we’re on the subject of forums :