The Ability to Elevate a Forum Post to Feedback Case

Hello everyone,

If I understand correctly Feedback is being redeveloped as a web app.

If that is correct, I would like to suggest close interoperability between the Forum and Feedback web apps.

I believe this is worthwhile for the following reasons:

Developers “generally” raise issues on the Forum as a precursor to Feedback. The Forum solves issues that can be solved, allows peers to review and confirm bugs (within limits) and is a place frequently visited by Team Xojo whom often confirm expected/unexpected product behaviours as they arise. I’d happily take a dollar for every time Greg has posted, “raise a feedback case for that”.

Often the issue is so well documented in the forum discussion, what more need be said to convert an issue to a feedback case?

The platform / Xojo Version / target version (meta data) could be pulled from an updated user forum profile.

I would even go so far (from the perspective of quality control) that each Forum post wishing to be elevated to a Feedback case might require the OP to nominate and another forum user to second the post before it is elevated to Feedback. If you want to get meaner still, “elevation” might even require a tick by an MVP or Team Xojo. Once elevated to Feedback, the Forum post could be locked and display a link to the Feedback case and the cases current status. Point is, if the issue is documented on the Forum why not leverage it?

I really feel that would make it easier for developers to participate more efficiently in Feedback. It would also give a real visibility between Forum discussions that seemingly appear to go nowhere and those that resulted to change or progress. There could even be a badge for that! “The Elevator Badge”.

PS: you would still be able to go to feedback directly (especially for private cases). I am just suggesting an alternate pathway.

Ok that’s it - I’m ready to get destroyed now.

Kind regards, Andrew

I disagree, but… I have to say that I usually pass the link of a conversation about some issue as an extra data to a case. A forum post is not a case, but it helps in the documentation with lots of arguments, and diverse voices about some subjects, pictures, etc.
Just create a FB Case, start the proper content, add a link to a forum post as additional data.

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you would still be able to go to feedback directly (especially for private cases). I am just suggesting an alternate pathway

@Rick_Araujo, Thank you for replying. Like I said, I’m certainly not trying to alter any existing workflows (including yours). I was just hoping to add an additional pathway to Feedback via the Forum. I’m also a fan of the idea that Forum posts that did result in Feedback Cases relate in some visible way.

I find forum topics to be rather noisy. It may help to reference the form topic in your feedback case, but the feedback needs to be more formal and very clearly defined. Simply pointing the devs to a forum topic (or copying it into feedback) is not going to be very helpful.