Thanks for the last 11 years, Greg!

I think Greg only did Web API2 development, not macOS

Thank you very much Greg for your constancy and your beautiful work! Especially for stabilizing and solidifying the web framework, then constantly improving it! You have always been a great and friendly help. :clap: :raising_hand_man:


Greg was Xojo’s Mac developer as well as their Web developer. AFAIK Web was his area of expertise. I worked with Greg a number of times to solve Mac related issues (both issues I found and issues that Xojo wanted another opinion on, or how to solve).

I have no doubt that whoever is replacing Greg has probably been briefed on how annoying I am, yet also helpful.

I still believe that Xojo needs a dedicated Mac developer who just works to improve Mac applications and keep up with Apple’s rabid pace of change.

That listbox man, it sure needs burning to the ground and rebuilding a new.


All of the engineers have made contributions to the Mac framework so don’t be worried about it not getting enough love.


Yep, true!!

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Is there an up to date organization chart with an overview of how many and in what area the engineers are working?


Maybe we shouldn’t say too much good about Greg because we put pressure on the guy who will replace him and this is not the best way to help Xojo to hire him/her. :smiley:

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I see no need to share the work of XOJO engineers. For me, it is inside information.

I do not doubt that XOJO has its processes and controls to continue developing XOJO.

Each company has its way of working. Some even consider this type of information top secret.

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You are aware Xojo Inc shared this already in the past? It would be great if they update that chart now.

In all my time with Xojo, Greg has been the most responsive and helpful member of the team. He’s also been so great at taking all the (mostly) constructive criticism I throw at him, and it’s been great getting to brainstorm and figure out some of those issues and feel part of a bigger team and family here.

I’ll miss seeing you at XDC, but I hope you’re on to bigger and better things! I’m justing hope Xojo can hire 5 more of you to actually crush out more of Web2.0 and get it where it needs to be. I know you’ll knowledge share as best you can but it is a bit scary for us users on the other side. They got some big shoes to fill :wink:


For small teams that’s impractical. What someone is doing changes by the minute. If I ask what someone is doing now, they will say Fixing Bug K123J for Windows, 10 minutes later he’ll be implementing Feature F729 for Mac, 3 hours later he will be analyzing a Session problem in the web framework… This way they will need to hire someone just to update that chart each 20 minutes. It’s cheaper just doing the job and presenting the release report at each cycle. If your favorite bug wasn’t fixed yet, just complain about it asking priority for the next cycle explaining why it is serious and needs priority. Without Greg, things will get a bit slower than the usual. I would like to see Xojo hiring Sam, as I feel he may want to move back to US as tensions in Asia are growing, that would get Apple related software at the top level while training him for more Windows/IDE/Android tasks, AND hiring another one more Linux/Web centric.


Thank you for all of the hard work you’ve done in the last 11 years @Greg_O_Lone . I’m sure you will be sadly missed. I hope you’re future endeavours go well.

Many thanks for your help over the years Greg. Best wishes for the future mate.

In my 20 years of consulting business we had 2 developers each stay 7 years before they went on to bigger and better things. Having a developer stay for 11 years seems almost like a unicorn. Easier to get pay raises and better benefits and opportunities by leaving for another job than to stick around these days.

Of course it stinks that Greg is leaving but that is a fact of life that every company faces at some point. Either you have to let a developer go for a myriad of reasons or an employee leaves for a myriad of reasons. Small development teams get hurt by this but it’s something they’ll have to deal with - as they have for 20+ years.

If we (and they) are lucky an existing Xojo user with the right experience is looking for a career opportunity and the experience gap will be a minimum.

I first met Greg at the ARBP conference in Atlanta 11 years ago (he was about to start working for Xojo). He’s been a great contributor to the product and helped a lot of us figure things out. He’ll be missed. Good luck to Greg in his new job and thanks for a fantastic 11 years!


A question is burning in my mind, I hesitate to write it but I do. How much does the complain of us (the Xojo developers) did influence his decision?
I ask the question to myself, not to Greg.

I would love if someone using web target for a few years would take the chance to switch sides and make it better from inside the company.

Since Xojo prefers work for home, this is the chance for someone to join, who loves Xojo and wants to do it as full time job. Could be someone from around the globe.

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Thank you so much, @Greg_O_Lone !!!

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Todo el Éxito a @Greg_O_Lone siempre atento para ayudar en el foro de Xojo.