Thanks for the last 11 years, Greg!

@Greg_O_Lone Thanks for all the support given to Xojo Community. Hope you will still be there as a forum member and give your tips and advice to the community. Wish you all the best for your future career.


Greg will be missed.
Not just at work, but also at the conferences.
We wish you all the best!


Thanks for all of your contributions to Xojo, @Greg_O_Lone ! You’ve built so many great things that have made a real difference to my business and your contributions at XDC were one of the main reasons why I attended. It’s a shame we never did fit you into a plane to come to Europe :slight_smile:


I agree - an XDC farewell would have been very fitting.

Greg, you have been exceptional.


Feeling sad about this news. @Greg_O_Lone will be missed.
I’ll always remember how he tried to be helpful for us, Xojo users, despite the constraints of the product.
I wish you the best.


All the best in your next adventures !


I wish you all the best and much success for the future :wave:

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Congrats Greg! Best of luck to you in you new employment venture.

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Thanks Greg for all you help over the years.

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Thanks for all your work and support. I wish you all the best

Cheers Greg - I’m relatively new to Xojo and you helped me out a couple of times, always being patient and polite despite my dumb questions.

All the best in whatever you are doing next.


Thanks @Greg_O_Lone for all your outstanding work! You will be missed!

I wish you all the best, @Greg_O_Lone. Your contribution is huge and you had exceptional patience with all questions thrown at you. The best of success in your new endeavour!

Thank you Greg. I’ll thank you again for helping me get our web page up and running a couple of years ago. Your answers over the years brought understanding to very difficult and complex questions.

Good luck in your new career.


@Greg_O_Lone, Congratulations on all your achievements over 11 years at Xojo. Wishing you every success and happiness in your next adventure. A personal thank you for the number of times you offered me assistance on the forum - you made a real difference.

Kind regards, Andrew

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@Greg_O_Lone, I’ve read many of your posts and you have helped me a great deal. Good luck in your future endeavors!

@Greg_O_Lone, thank you for all your help over the years. I particularly liked a few quick hints you sent to me via PM. Most likely only a little bit of work for you, but still something you had to manage in parallel to your normal work and nothing I was ever expecting. But those small helpers were (and are) so precious to me that they made the big difference and you did indirectly an exceptional good marketing for Xojo and the product.

All the best for your new endeavours and I’m wishing you a lot of fun with your new job!


Thanks everyone. The last eleven years have been a blast. I feel like I’ve learned a million things during this time. I’d like to take the his opportunity to thank the community and all of my co-workers over the years for making this such a truly enjoyable experience. I’m looking forward to seeing Xojo continuing to innovate and bring exciting new features to the product for many years to come.

I’ll still be around for time to time and may even show up in a hangout or a NUG video meeting once in a while.


Congratulations Greg. I wish you all the best in your new journey. Thank you for everything.