TextArea X2021R1.1

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How to add a row to Textarea if it no longer has an addRow method? How to display text that contains ěččřřžžýýýáááíííé?
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TextArea never had an AddRow method. How about AppendText.

Or just set the Text property

Use AddText.

myTextArea.AddText ("ěččřřžžýýýáááíííé" + EndofLine)


What gives you that idea???

AddRow for a TextArea would be seriously weird …

AppendText is deprecated.

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Where does it say that? It’s certainly not on the deprecations page:


or on



Why would it say, on the AddText page, that AppendText is deprecated? Try what Alberto said.

Ah, my bad. Yes, AppendText is replaced by AddText. I was actually reading AppendText as AddText …

AppendText and AddText are different methods

Does this mean Greg is still using API1? :thinking:

Is API2 not mature enough for production code (eg the Xojo IDE)? :wink:

From the AppendText page:


From Xojo Documentation

\ 40x40 This item was deprecated in version 2019r2.
Please use TextEdit.AddText as a replacement.

Real people don’t Append … only nerds do! :wink:

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I’m sorry, but Append is the more descriptive verb. I wish they hadn’t made this change.


Sorry , i thought webTextarea

add_praci.PopupMenu5.SelectionChanged, line 1
Type “WebTextArea” has no member named “AddText”
TextArea1.AddText = me.SelectedItem.Text

When I load these characters from the DB ěččřřžžýýýáááííí I assign defineecoding or convert encoding system default or UTF8 webTextarea remains empty

AddText is not a property that takes an assignment, it’s a method that you call with parameters:


Could you show us your code?

Hi Greg ,
this is my code
TextArea1.Text= actual_row.Field("popis").Stringvalue.trim.DefineEncoding(Encodings.SystemDefault)