Ten IDE Crashes Per Day

Hi all,

like many others, we have countless crashes of the IDE. Sometimes twice a day, sometimes ten times a day.

It does not depend on the project content or the project size or on the amount of RAM or any other reproducable factor. It happens to everybody here who uses Xojo. Different developers, different machines, different setups.

Usually the crash happen while compiling, running, or just while the IDE is in idle, even in background, even with no project opened.

We had many funny situations with internal meetings, when i just had Xojo idle in background and showing something totally different with the beamer, and suddenly after 10 or 20 minutes the Xojo crash message appears on the screen.

But the problem is not funny at all. It’s totally annoying and our productivity killer #1.

The problem spreads over different crash reports, which seems to base on the same problem. Most often crash is __pthread_kill. There is a discussion in Feedback Case #50110 going on (which is not public).

Some people there offered to help to track this error down, but Xojo seems to be not very interested in solving this problem. The classical “send me a project and reproducable steps” policy does not help here, because it happens with any project, but not in a predictable way.

The wait-and-see-strategy “we can’t fix what we can’t reproduce” directly leads to instable software, and this is what has happend here.

I like to hear, if there are others with this problem. If so, it would be helpful if you share your experiences to find any patterns in this crash scenarios.

Hm…so the start off questions:
What OS?
What Xojo version?
Which plugins do you have? and are they updated to latest versions?
Building for 32-bit or 64-bit?
Have you cleared the plugin cache recently?

Hi Bob,

the problem exists since 1 or 2 years at least, but got worse over time. But it’s not bound to specific Xojo or plugins versions.

My personal setup is a Macbook Pro 2016, High Sierra latest release, 16 GB, Xojo 2017 r3.

Plugins: PostgreSQL, MBS, Einhugur, alltogether 54 plugins. I can list them, if it helps. Lastest or almost latest release of the plugins (MBS Nov. 2017).

Building for both 32 and 64 bit. Happens with both.

Cleared plugin cache: Nope. How do I clear that cache?


You can delete the entire folder. Restart Xojo then.

At first glance I would say the issue is one or more of those plugins…
or it might be Xojo2017 (as opposed to an earlier release)

I say this because I use Xojo2016r4.1 8 to 10 hours a day, on an 2010 and 2017 iMac as well as a 2010 MBP and have never had the IDE crash … but then I have zero plugins (other than those that are part of the Xojo install)

xojo opened 24/7 for weeks on a macbook pro 10.11.6 - databases plugins only
so it may surely come from the plugins…

For me I mostly have crashes in the debugger. My project is medium size (500 classes, 70klocs or so). One crash with “pthread kill” was from the Einhugur Treeview.

@Paul Gaspar: do you use the latest version of the plugins? Can you try to work for a longer time 32 or 64 bit only to see if it makes a difference?

This is what Norman wrote a few minutes ago in #50110: “The crash report shows, quite clearly, that the compiler is running out of memory when compiling”.

I will send a large project to Norman tomorrow, so perhaps he is able to reproduce it.

@Beatrix Willius: We did not see a difference between 32 and 64 bit compiles, but we did not test this systemtically. Will try to track this closer.

When working with console projects (64bit), there are fewer crashes. Desktop projects are worse!

I have projcts (xojo_binary_project) that are 'ill 50GB.

I do not have IDE crashs (2015r1)

[quote=379720:@Emile Schwarz]I have projcts (xojo_binary_project) that are 'ill 50GB.

I do not have IDE crashs (2015r1)[/quote]
You have 50GB projects that you load into 2015r1?

A good sample project helped track this down. It’s related to the tree view controls. It’s this Feedback case:



As strange as it may seems.

Nothing in the Plugin folder (empty)

Not even that folder (I renamed it).

No IDE crashes here working on a 15MB desktop app on Xojo 2017 or RS2012 using a number of MBS plug-ins. MBP High Sierra.

@Jason Parsley : this is ONE partial problem. As stated this starts with b8. Not all of us are running b8. What about the rest of the problem?

Using 2017R3 Win IDE. Crashes are rare nowadays, but the performance of the IDE decreases while working, so I restart it completely several times a day. I try to have only those plugins installed I use in the projects I work on.

I also get repeated crashes and it’s almost always when the IDE is in the background. I usually press debug compile, switch apps while waiting and have it crash maybe 1 in 3 times during this.

The same here: I’m working on an MacBook Air, High Sierra, Xojo R 2017R3, all standard plugins plus all MBS plugins (64bit plugins in cache). The IDE crashes mostly when in the background.

I have random IDE crashes every 1-2 hours (on running, in the background, on building, with desktop/web/console apps). I assume my issue must be plugin-related, but I always run the latest versions. Here is my list in case someone knows of a problem plugin:

e-CryptIt Engine - Checksums.xojo_plugin
e-CryptIt Engine - Compression.xojo_plugin
e-CryptIt Engine.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo ChartDirector Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Compression Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo CURL Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo DynaPDF Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Encryption Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Images Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Linux Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacBase Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacCF Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacCG Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacClassic Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacCloud Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacCocoa Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacControls Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacExtras Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacFrameworks Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo MacOSX Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Main Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Network Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Picture Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo SQL Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Tools Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo USB Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Util Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo Win Plugin.xojo_plugin
MBS Xojo XMP Plugin.xojo_plugin