Ten IDE Crashes Per Day

Run a second copy of xojo in the background so you don’t lose productivity, use the latest beta if needs be. Cut your use of plugins in half on that install until you crash or don’t then keep swapping the plugins and repeating until it no longer crashes and you narrow down the plugin that is causing the issue.

I sometimes run xojo for a week with no problems, but I run with minimal plugins.

We don’t know about the rest. As far as I know, we don’t have a sample project that we can analyze.

After clearing out my cache, it crashes very rarely as opposed to frequently.

The best is to only have the plugins you need. then clear the cache and it should not happen to you.
If it does, track down which plugin causes the trouble.

I have had 2-crashes on mac for over a year that where plugin related. Other crashes where corrupted xojo_project files.

I only use the Xojo plugins installed by the installer (no OLE plugin) and I will run the IDE for many day’s without issue.