Stripe SDK on Android

Hello all,

Is it possible to integrate a SDK into the Android App?

Like Stripe’s. Luckily, it’s still java code, apparently : Set up your integration | Stripe Documentation

There is, however, a warning: “The SDK is no longer compatible with the support libraries, as we use Room to store and maintain state across the app lifecycle. Make sure your app has migrated to AndroidX.” I don’t know if this matters in Xojo’s case.

What benefit would you get from wrapping this library in declares instead of implementing your own library directly in Xojo code using URLConnection?


Thanks Tim. Because this library can, for example, manage “tap to pay” directly on the Android device in a physical store, without the need for an EFTPOS terminal. This is not otherwise possible.

EDIT : the good link for the doc of “Tap to pay” : Tap to Pay | Stripe Documentation

And for the commercial presentation:

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Is it possible, in Android Studio, to create a Kotlin project that integrates a java SDK of this type (since Kotlin can integrate Java from what I understand), create Kotlin functions to communicate with the SDK, and then use this Kotlin project as a library for Xojo? In order to access the SDK’s functionalities in the Xojo App.

If anyone knows about this and thinks it’s possible, I’m willing to remunerate them to create this library. Please contact me.