Strange behavior of the ide

In some cases, after running an application from the ide, it happens that the ide remains in a strange condition and no longer shows the project windows, nor the code nor everything that the de shows during the execution phase. project, in these cases the ide shows only what I attach in the image (that is, only the menus), does it happen to anyone ?

Xojo Rel 2022 r4.1

See here


  1. because it happens to me when debugging an app and not when I disconnect a monitor
  2. why should I know that the problem is the redesign of the ide page ??

ok I’ll add my specific case to the thread you indicated to me

Just for reference, i re-add my (by myself) removed post. Although I’m not sure if it’s really the same error. :wink:

Why start a new thread for a bug that has only recently been discussed in the following thread: Xojo IDE doesn't redraw after monitor sleep :slight_smile:

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This could be related to the following bug too:

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