Start app in a different language with different locale settings

As a developer we must test our applications in different languages. There are some tools available to do this. If your app is working with numbers and currencies you want also have the default number and currency formats for the selected language, not only the GUI. You can change the language and the locale settings (number and currency) in the Mac OS X settings, but these are to many steps. You can use the command line in a terminal to start an app in a different language, or you can use my tool “Aana App Language”.

  1. Command line in terminal:
    Language in English and Locale settings, currency in British
    /Applications/.app/Contents/MacOS/’ -AppleLanguages “(en-US)” -AppleLocale “en-UK”&

Language in German and Locale settings, currency in
/Applications/.app/Contents/MacOS/’ -AppleLanguages “(de-DE” -AppleLocale “de-DE”&

  1. Use “Aana App Language”
    Start “Aana App Language”, drop your app, select a language and a region and double click on the app icon

“Aana App Language” is only for Mac OS X and it is free to use for all people (developer and customer). You can download it here:
Aana App Language

Thank you @Horst Jehle

If i am allowed to recommend changes, you should autoselect the first entry or current locale right after your PopUpMenu of detected languages has been filled and can you make your App please AutoQuit? :slight_smile:

I made a few tests:

If no locale or region is selected, the following message appears on launch of the selected App:

If no App has been dropped into the canvas and you double click on the canvas, a NOE occurs:

If you try to use Acana with Acana, the following message is shown:

Same Apps do not show any language. “A Better Finder Attributes 5” f.e.:

Please check the new release 1.0.1

Popup menus doesn’t have a default selection. If no language and no region is selected, the app start with your system settings. If a language is selected and no region, the app starts in the selected language with your system region. If only a region is selected and no language, the app starts with the selected region and your system language. Now application auto quit is activated.

It still crashes when you double click on the app canvas, before you have dropped any app on it.

Fixed in release 1.0.2

Thank you @Horst Jehle

I just donated via PayPal from your Website. After the donation the user is redirected to, which does not exist. :wink:

Thanks for the donation and the missing page. I will correct this.

New release 1.0.3 is available. For more information click here

The choices of ‘Available Regions’ are in German although I’m using Dutch.

It is available in English and German language and the default is English. Okay, I will check this later today.

I think you just need to make sure that in your Build Settings, the default Language is also English :slight_smile:

New Release 1.0.4 is out. Fix the “Region” popup menu. For de, at, ch it is in German language and for all other it is English.

New Release 1.1.0 is out. Now include an update checker (Kaju Updater).

The Build language set to English.

Aana App Language
New Release 1.3.0
Update feature added (without Kaju)
New dark layout
Menu for recent used apps added

Download: Aana App Language

Wait a moment. I will check it.

32Bit’s on a mac? :wink:

I have uploaded a new version. Please try the new one.

If you would test your application in different languages in debug mode with Xojo, you can set these options in section “Debug => Command Line Arguments”

Example: Language German, Region Switzerland
–args -AppleLanguages “(de)” -AppleLocale de-CH

Example: Language Portuguese, Region Brazil
–args -AppleLanguages “(pt)” -AppleLocale pt-BR

To start any application in different languages and region, you can use Acana App Language release 1.4.0