SQLiteBackup Example

This example is looking for EddiesElectronics.sqlite file. It is in the same directory.

On my Mac I get “Could not find EddiesElectronics.sqlite file”
I see that when I open an example file the working directory is “Xojo 2017 Release 2”, doing File - New Project… - Examples - Database - SQLite - SQLiteBackup.xojo_binary_project
If I do File - Open then navigate to the SQLite directory to open the project, that way the working directory is “SQLite” and then the project works.

On Windows, it just works without issues. The EddiesElectronics.sqlite file is copied to the .\local\temp\DebugMy Application\ folder, so the example works by doing the File - New Project…
If I do File - Open, then when I try the app it creates a DebugSQLiteBackup folder in the same folder as the project and it includes the EddiesElectronics.sqlite file, so with Windows it works on both instances.

Xojo is advertised as a good product even for people with not much technical knowledge or beginners. I did some programming back in college more than 25 years ago. It is a good thing that I was able to make it work and found the ‘problem’.

Maybe is it possible to set the working directory when an Example is open? I know this is minor. I’m just reporting what I find (like this ) as I learn more things. Maybe my reports will help to make Xojo more newbie friendly. Other newbies maybe try that on Mac, it shows an error, then think Xojo is not that good. I think is great to have all those examples, but as a new Xojo user I want all to work and not have to find ways to make them work.

Report those examples that don’t work via Feedback with as much detail as possible. Reporting them on the forum doesn’t do much. In the long run it doesn’t direct a Xojo engineer to fix it. Feedback does. If you look in the release notes documentation and examples get changed/fixed in every release.