SmartCardMBS - NFC Reader

Having moved on from NFC on iOS I now need to be able to read NFC tags on desktop (cross platform but worst case Windows is a must).

I came across a few threads, particularly this one where @Edwin_van_den_Akker gave an example project (thanks btw) that appears to work with MBS plugins. I say appears because the ACS reader beeps (good start!) and indeed writes an ‘id’ to the screen (see image below) but it is always the same id:

Anyone used MBS plugins successfully to then also read the data off them ? I tried the one example on the MBS site but it is not clear which instruction is being sent so I am flying blind on this tbh:

Any and all assistance gratefully appreciated:-)


Also worth pointing out for anyone else looking into this and using SmartCardMBS, the example Transmit code is erroneous as-is. @Christian_Schmitz could you please update ?

This code gives the error: 80100019 which I believe equates to ‘The PCI Receive buffer was too small.’

If you and your team tested this code then maybe it’s the reader (but I have a feeling it’s fundamental and not reader specific error).


well hopefully you will get it fixed, we run similar problems where we ended having 70% of our customers complaining that cannot use the smart cards anymore, unfortunately no fix , no reply, no solutions, so we had to find other way around and dismiss the plugins in our case.

Best luck for you .

Ok well I am very conscious that @Christian_Schmitz has not responded to this thread and it’s good to know more than me have faced this issue.

The best I got to was forming the payload properly ( it is not in MBS docs above) so that error number is 0 which is no error but never any response codes or data back.

.Net is the best option for this for me for this I think.

Well, I have not much fun with Smartcards so far.

It’s always confusing. Our examples are written for the smart card we used for testing. The plugin seems to work fine for some users, but not others.

There is a general protocol defined for smart card, but we have seen several cards work differently and for the ID cards we patched function several times.

Anyway, if you know the protocol for your card, you can use SmartcardMBS or TKSmartCardMBS to do transfers. But it’s up to you to define the buffers.